Sunday, December 16, 2018

Lancôme Starlight Sparkle La Rose A Poudrer Holiday 2018

The Lancôme Starlight Sparkle La Rose A Poudrer is part of their 2018 Holiday Trend Collection, and pretty as it may be, you certainly don't need this unless you're perhaps a collector of Limited Edition pieces. 

If you're looking for value or an extremely well-made powder box perhaps to display on your vanity, keep looking. As you can see, this is a lovely piece that's extremely photogenic. The festive and rich gold coloring of the box is eye-catching, but for $60.00 (I did notice that HSN/Home Shopping Network has it for $48.00), cardboard construction is kind of an insult to your wallet.

The product itself is on the petals of the rose found inside of the box, and it's applied by swirling a powder brush over the product, then applying it to your skin as you would any powder or highlighter. It can be used wet or dry, and when I use it wet for a bit more intensity, I first pick the product up on the brush, then spritz the brush lightly with one of my various rosewater sprays before applying. The rose appears to be some type of fabric, and the product is somehow adhered to that.

The color of the highlighter is what I would call a warm gold with an ever-so-slight hint of copper. There is no glitter, so you needn't worry about any type of fallout. It's very smooth and applies beautifully, giving a subtle glow with a light application, and more of a sheen with a heavier, more built up application. It says it can also be applied with your fingers or a sponge, but I prefer a brush.

A brush seems to be the less damaging choice to the petals, because if you look closely at the photos below, you can see some small thread-like pieces that are on the edges. I feel like rubbing those too hard with your fingers, or pressing a sponge to them with too much pressure would be the start of some major unraveling of the fabric weave.

The color/shade is actually very nice, and I tried to show some of the sparkle on the left by moving my arm during photographing it. It's very smooth and the lack of glitter is personally how I like my highlighters. It catches the light nicely, managing to sparkle without any obvious glitter, and does a nice job enhancing your skin.

The amount of product is 1.9 grams/0.067 ounces, which isn't a lot of actual product. I believe it was last year when they came out with the pink or rose colored one of these, and that seemed to sell out rather quickly. This is basically the same thing, simply in a different shade, and there are still plenty of these in stock at many retailers and counters. The novelty of the idea when it was first released last year caused quite a frenzy, and they sold out. There was quite a bit of disappointment then, and again this year, when people realized that the price simply didn't justify the actual item. The powder highlighter itself is top quality, but the cardboard box and the delicateness of the flower are lacking in execution.

I love Lancôme overall, they have a wide range of color cosmetics, fragrances, and skin care that for the most part, are top quality with great performance. Every now and again, something just doesn't meet expectations, and this is one of those products. A lower price point or a more practical packaging for the powder/highlighter (which again, is a very nice product) might make it more appealing. 

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