Saturday, January 2, 2016

New from Clinique: Lid Pops

Clinique continues to up their game, and following the success of their Cheek Pops, they recently released Lid Pops on their web site. I saw a brief mention about this product in February's Redbook magazine, so I did some Google searching and found little information on them. There are some photos on Instagram, and a Russian-based one showed 8 colors, while the U.S. Clinique site is only showing 7. There is always that possibility that the eighth color will be available soon. It looks like a medium olive shade, so I certainly hope we can get our hands on that. I did order some, so I'm excited to receive them, because I love my Cheek Pops.

Speaking of cute new products from Clinique, have you seen their new Sweet Pots Sugar Scrub & Lip Balms? I have those sitting here to review, and so far I'm really enjoying them. I want to give them a bit more of a workout, but I'm hoping to get them posted this coming week.


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