Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Pacifica Coconut Crushed Pearl Luminizing and Bronzing Body Butters

I picked up Pacifica's Coconut Crushed Pearls Body Butters at Ulta a few months back, and I've been using them quite a bit recently. These retail for $18.00 (5.25 fl. oz. tube), and I see that they're buy one, get one half off currently at Ulta. I believe these two are Ulta exclusives. Both of these are very nice, but my favorite one is the Bronzing Body Butter. The tube states "Sun-Kissed Glow", while the Luminizing Body Butter tube states "Shimmer & Glow".

The scent is something I'm a little indifferent to, because while it smells somewhat like coconut, it smells a little too artificial for my taste. The Bronzing Body Butter also has a hint of something that smells like caramel mixed in with the coconut. Not to worry, the scent doesn't linger! In all fairness, I had several of my friends smell it to get some other opinions, and they all loved it. I am just very picky about coconut scents, for some reason. Anyway, It does all of those good things we want, like moisturizes well, absorbs nicely with no residue, and contains nourishing ingredients to improve skin over time. Because Pacifica is a natural line that's vegan and cruelty-free, that earns it an extra star in my book. The first time I used these, I put the normal amount into my hand that I usually use for a moisturizer, and I found that I don't need nearly as much with this product. A little goes a long way.

As you can see, the Shimmer & Glow (left) is a pearl white, while the Sun-Kissed Glow is a rich bronze color. I tried several times to photograph it on my skin as a swatch, but it's so subtle that it just didn't show up in a photo. To me, the differences are that the Shimmer & Glow has tiny silver shimmer and adds no color to my skin. It does have a very slight opal/pearl sheen, but it is super subtle to me. The Sun-Kissed Glow has coppery/gold shimmer, and adds just a hint of bronzing to my skin. As a bronzer, it's completely fool-proof. There is absolutely no streaking or orange tone.

The shimmer to me is more like glitter, but don't be put off by the term glitter. I promise you won't look like a disco ball! It is very tiny, and it's pretty--not flashy--in the way that it catches the light. I seem to notice it more in the Shimmer & Glow, perhaps because it's silver, while the coppery/gold in the Sun-Kissed Glow is closer to my skin's color, so it's less evident. Very subtle though in either one. Both of these add a touch of illumination to the skin, but the Sun-Kissed Glow goes one step further and seems to blur the skin, for lack of a better word. It just makes my skin look better by adding a hint of color and evening the skin tone.

Pacifica isn't a brand I've used a lot of, but I did pick up a couple of their lip tints when I bought these body butters, so I'll be giving those a go soon. My Ulta doesn't have too much of a selection, so I looked on their web site earlier today when I grabbed their link for this post, and I never should have spent any time there! They have tons of great looking products, and I just know I'll be placing an order soon. I'm very happy with these body butters, so hopefully I'll enjoy more of their products.

Just look at this little pretty I spotted on their site!


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