Monday, August 25, 2014

LORAC Mega Pro Palette Coming in November

The LORAC Pro Palettes are much-loved items in my stash, and I'm sure in many of yours as well. Check out what they have coming for us in November, the LORAC Mega Pro Palette! I spotted this on @beautylogicblog on Instagram, and I cannot wait! In reading the comments, it sounds like this will be released in November, and the price will be a very reasonable $59.00.

Are you excited about this?

Photo Source: @beautylogicblog



  1. That is close to perfection.

  2. It will be release when? And where?

  3. @Epic-Divine, the last I heard it sold out on Lorac's website and was also being offered on Amazon. I'm not sure if Amazon has sold out of it as well.


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