Thursday, March 13, 2014

Spotted! Collection Privee by Colour Riche L'Oreal Paris (Eyes, Lips, Nails)

While running through Meijer today, I spotted the new Collection Privee by Colour Riche L'Oreal Paris. The collection includes eye shadow quads, lip sticks, and nail polishes. I know there were 6 lip stick and 6 nail polish shades, and I'm assuming there are 6 eye shadow quads, but I can't recall that for certain. I picked up several pieces, and below are some quick product shots. This collection was released in the UK and Canada a while back, but in looking at some posts from their release, we seem to have some different shades here in the US. 



  1. funny here in the Netherlands Eva's nude is a deep chocolate nailpolish.

  2. It is odd, isn't it? Some of the shades are the same as your release, some are completely different! The polish bottle design is quite different from the other releases too.