Friday, December 6, 2013

12 Full-Sized Deborah Lippmann Polishes $39.95 on HSN 12/10/13

Heads up if you're a fan of Deborah Lippmann and love a great deal! I don't know what this is exactly, but it certainly sounds like something to check out on December 10.

Deborah Lippmann posted this photo on her Facebook page yesterday with this message:

Snag our @HSN Holiday Special of 12 of our FULL sized lacquers on Tues 12/10 for $39.95. Avail 4 ONLY 1 day.

12 full-sized lacquers for $39.95? I keep checking the program guide at HSN to see what this contains, but so far, the items for that program on the 10th haven't been listed. Here's a link to the program guide if you're as curious as me about this!



  1. Thank you for sharing Mary.
    I already received the prize, thank you very much.

    1. You're welcome! And glad your package arrived!

  2. thanks for the heads up. I didn't see anything on the FB page. This is a great deal! and HSN ships super fast.

  3. another pic on her FB page today. 4 of them are treatments. Still a good deal if they are polishes you want. Looks like Stormy Weather is in there, maybe I Know what Boys LIke, Amazing Grace? Care to guess the colors from the pic? All creme no glitters.

    1. I saw that! Her treatments are great, so yes, still a great deal! Are you going to get one? I'm sure I'll cave! It is hard to tell from that picture what the finishes are, maybe this will help:


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