Friday, March 29, 2013

Aqualillies for tarte: Eye & Cheek Palette, Glamazon Pure Performance Lipstick

Tarte Cosmetics recently released their Summer 2013 Collection, and I have two products from the collection to share with you! The Aqualillies for tarte Collection was inspired by America’s most glamorous synchronized swimming group, the Aqualillies, and this limited-edition collection includes seven splashproof products. You can view the press release for this collection here.

UPDATE: I just saw a coupon code on Tarte's Facebook page valid through March 30. Use code BUNNYLOVE for $10.00 off on any order from of $50.00 or more.

I picked up the Aqualillies for tarte Amazonian clay waterproof eye and cheek palette ($38.00) from QVC, and Tarte kindly sent me the Aqualillies for tarte limited-edition glamazon™ pure performance 12-hour lipstick in Timeless ($26.00). Both come boxed with a bright coral, turquoise, and gold foil vintage scallop graphic print. I love the packaging and design of  many Tarte products, and this collection is no exception. The palette is big, measuring 4.5" in diameter. The lipstick case is made of wood, and it's imprinted in the same vibrant coral as the product itself.

Try to ignore the horror of the broken eyeshadow! QVC was kind enough to offer a replacement or partial refund, so rather than ship this one back and wait for a new one, I opted for a partial refund. It had plenty of bubble wrap on the top and sides, but none on the bottom of the shipping box. The palette contains 6 new eye shadow shades, bronzer, highlighter, and a limited-edition Amazonian clay 12-hour blush. Four of the shadows have a pearl finish, and two are matte. The palette is a well-made substantial plastic case with a mirror inside of the lid.

The blush is full sized and is called Captivating. I love the embossing--it adds a nice touch of elegance.

There's a plastic overlay that indicates all of the product names. The highlighter is a shimmering powder in Champagne, and the bronzer is a matter shade called Park Ave. Princess.

The lipstick is housed in classic Tarte fashion, using a wood overlay for the case. In addition to being cruelty-free, Tarte also uses recyclable or post-consumer recycled material for their packaging.

Timeless is a vivid coral color, based on the Aqualillies signature lip shade.

The eye shadows are soft and buttery, which makes them easy to blend and build up for more pigmentation if you want a bolder look. My swatches were done with just one pass of color, so if you want just a wash of color, a light application is all you need. But they build up nicely and can also be used wet for more intensity. The shades from L-R: Poolside, Sundeck (matte), Parasol, Barefoot, Bikini, and Hammock (matte). Check out Bikini--it's a duo chrome!

Here's a look at the blush, bronzer, and highlighter, again, using just one stroke of my fingertip to apply the color.

I am loving this shade of lipstick! Just the perfect bright coral for me because it's not too pink, not too orange. The glamazon lipsticks have a wonderful feel to them in that they are light and smooth, but they pack plenty of pigment. They're soft and buttery, and they wear very well.

I'm very happy with both of these products and I think the color range is perfect for Summer. The shadows have such a pretty shimmer, and it's nice to have a couple of matte shades as well. They work nicely for either a simple neutral look or a more intense look, depending on how you apply them. Add in the blush, bronzer, and highlighter, and you've got the perfect beachy summer look. A pop of coral on your lips and it's all the perfect combination. Now if it would just warm up so I could actually spend some time at the beach, it would be a perfect world! If you want to check out the entire collection, it is available at and Sephora. The lip gloss duo is exclusive to Ulta.

*Lipstick provided by Tarte for consideration.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Summer 2013 Aqualillies for tarte LE Collection

Tarte Cosmetics introduces their Summer 2013 Aqualillies for tarte limited-edition collection (available for a sneak peek on on Monday, March 25th) available at all retailers in April. Inspired by America’s most glamorous synchronized swimming group, the Aqualillies, this limited-edition collection includes seven splashproof products.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

IT Cosmetics Hello Beautiful Kit is QVC's TSV March 18!

QVC will be offering the IT Cosmetics Hello Beautiful 5-Piece Anti-Aging Color Collection Kit as their Today's Special Value (TSV) tomorrow, March 18. I recently received this kit to review, and I think it's a great package of products, particularly with a price of only $54.96 (also available on Easy Pay for 3 payments). I've been hearing a lot of good things about this brand, and after using the products for a couple of days, I can see why!

Here's the description of the kit from QVC:

With the Heavenly Luxe Buffing Airbrush Foundation Brush, swirl circles in Celebration Foundation to grab product. Buff into skin in circular motions.

Starting at the root of your lashes hold the Tightline Full Lash Length Black Primer Skinny Wand horizontally then wiggle and sweep through to the tips. For a more visible eyeliner effect, gently press the Tightline wand along the base of your lash line, filling in the gaps between your lashes. Move along the entire upper lash line for a beautiful eyeliner effect.

Starting at the base of your lashes, hold the Hello Lashes brush horizontally, then wiggle and sweep the brush up and through to the tips. Next, hold the brush vertically and push up your lashes. Finally, use the lash ball detailer to add definition and separation to your lower, inner, and outer corner lashes.

Apply Vitality Flush 4-in-1 Reviver Lip & Cheek Stain Stick to lips, cheeks, and any area you desire a beautiful sheer wash of vitality-filled color. To give your cheeks a pop of youthful color, gently pat and blend into the apples of your cheeks.


0.30-oz Celebration Foundation
0.33-fl-oz Hello Lashes 5-in-1 Mascara in Black
0.118 fl oz Tightline Full Lash Length Primer in Black–exclusive to QVC until 9/18/2013
0.24-oz Vitality Flush Color Stain Stick in Je Ne Sais Quoi, a sheer pink–exclusive to QVC until 9/18/2013
Heavenly Luxe Buffing Airbrush Foundation Brush

The kit comes boxed, with the products packaged in a snapping plastic tray. There's also a descriptive brochure that explains the proper use of each product.

The Vitality Flush 4-in-1 Reviver Lip and Cheek Stain Stick in Je Ne Sais Quoi was love at first swipe for me. This rates high on the fun factor list for me, because it changes color right before your eyes. But it's more than fun, because it also gives a beautiful flush of color to my cheeks and lips.

It comes packaged in a metal twist up tube, and the product itself has a soft balm-like texture. I use this on my lips for that "just bitten" flush, and on my cheeks over the Celebration Foundation. I then set it with a very light touch of the foundation. It adds a bit of sheen to my cheeks, and the light dusting of foundation alleviates the feel of the balm, but still allows the color and the slight sheen to show through. It's like a tint or a light stain--very natural looking, and it feels nourishing on my face and my lips.

The Heavenly Luxe Buffing Airbrush Foundation Brush is a top quality tool. It's very soft and plush, but with more than 80,000 hairs, it's also very dense, allowing it to pick up an even amount of product. Using circular motions, I apply the Celebration Foundation with this brush, and the results are a smooth, even finish that looks about as flawless as I've even seen on my face. The combination of the foundation with the brush works so well, that I've been able to eliminate my need for concealer.

The Celebration Foundation is available in 5 shades: Fair, Light, Medium, Tan, and Rich. I received the Tan shade, and even though I would call myself Medium this time of year, it actually looks perfect on my skin.

This is a full coverage, hydrating powder foundation that contains plenty of beneficial ingredients to enhance your skin. Those ingredients include Peptides, Hydrolyzed Collagen, Silk, Anti-oxidants, Grapeseed, Olive, Hyaluronic Acid, Rose, Aloe, Niacin and Vitamins A, C, E. I've mentioned before that I love products with Hyaluronic Acid, so I was thrilled to see yet another product that has included this in the ingredients. My normal powder foundation in Lancome Dual Finish in Matte Amande III, and the Celebration Foundation reminds me of that finish-wise. It's more full coverage than the Lancome, so I don't need to build it up as I do with the Lancome.

Hello Lashes 5-in-One Mascara "is clinically proven to quadruple the volume of your lashes using a proprietary blend of lash-enhancing and conditioning ingredients." Of course I didn't read the directions initially, and my first thought was that this was a nice mascara--it added length and volume, and there was zero clumping, but I wasn't "wowed" by quad sized measures. Then I thought after the fact, that maybe I should read what they had to say about their product! In bold letters, the directions said to go vertical after going horizontal, and to do this using the ball at the end of the wand. That does make a difference, and a noticeable one at that! I often skip my lower lashes because the wand seems to make more of a mess, but the tiny bristles at the very end of the ball makes it a breeze, so that's another nice thing I like about this mascara.

The Tightline Full Lash Length Black Mascara Primer is noticeably different from all of my other lash primers because it's black. I always have to be very careful to coat my lashes well with mascara when using other primers, since they are all white. This is glossy and black, and you could get away with just using this and no mascara for a natural look. The brush on this is extremely thin, but it's able to define and coat your lashes from root to tip without a problem. To add a tightline effect, the brush can be gently pressed along the base of your lash line to fill in the gaps between your lashes. I wasn't so sure this would work as well as tightlining with the various eyeliners I use for such a look normally, but I was pleasantly surprised by how well it did work. This saves me some time too, so it's all good!

Here's a detailed look from IT Cosmetics on how to Tightline your eyes using this product:

I'm very happy with all of the products included in the kit, which is valued at $155.00. Be sure to check it out on QVC tomorrow at the special price of only $54.96. If you'd like to learn more about IT Cosmetics and see some of their other products in action, there will be 3 one hour shows tomorrow on QVC feauring the brand. Those shows will air at 12:00 AM, 10:00 AM, and 6:00 PM. You can also find IT Cosmetics on their website, and stay up to date with them on Twitter and Facebook.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Update on Free Nicole by OPI Polishes from Special K Brands

Last month I posted about an upcoming offer from Kellogg's Special K and Nicole by OPI Nail polish, and I wanted to update letting you know that the Kellogg's web site now shows that offer as live. You just need to log in or register if you haven't already, here. This will allow you to enter promo codes from a variety of Kellogg's products that will earn you rewards, prizes, and coupons.

Click here to view the page for the Nicole by OPI promotion. There was some question after my original post if we could start collecting promo codes now, and I didn't know the answer at the time. This promotion is advertised as starting in April, so my guess is that the boxes could start appearing on shelves at any time now. Below is the information from the Kellogg's web site, so hopefully this helps to answer any questions.

The boxes will be clearly marked with the Nicole by OPI polishes (3 codes gets you 1 polish, 8 codes gets you 3 polishes). Also below, you'll find a long list of which products will be offering this promotion. Remember, this is available while supplies last, so be sure to enter your codes as soon as you purchase the product.

Participating Products

Special K® Blueberry Cereal
Special K® Chocolatey Delight Cereal
Special K® Cinnamon Pecan Cereal
Special K® Fruit & Yogurt Cereal
Special K® Multigrain Oats & Honey Cereal
Special K® Original Cereal
Special K® Protein Plus Cereal
Special K® Red Berries Cereal
Special K® Vanilla Almond Cereal

Special K® Blueberry Cereal Bars
Special K® Chocolatey Drizzle Cereal Bars
Special K® Chocolatey Pretzel Cereal Bars
Special K® Honey Nut Cereal Bars
Special K® Raspberry Cheesecake Cereal Bars
Special K® Strawberry Cereal Bars
Special K® Bars – Variety Pack

Special K® Pastry Crisps: Blueberry
Special K® Pastry Crisps: Brown Sugar Cinnamon
Special K® Pastry Crisps: Chocolatey Delight
Special K® Pastry Crisps: Strawberry

Special K™ Dark Chocolate Granola Bars

Special K® Multi-Grain Crackers
Special K® Savory Herb Crackers

Special K® Cheddar Cracker Chips
Special K® Sea Salt Cracker Chips
Special K® Sour Cream & Onion Cracker Chips
Special K® Southwest Ranch Cracker Chips

Special K® Butter Popcorn Chips
Special K® Sweet and Salty Popcorn Chips

Special K™ Chocolate Caramel Protein Meal Bar
Special K™ Chocolatey Chip Protein Meal Bar
Special K™ Chocolate Peanut Butter Protein Meal Bar
Special K™ Double Chocolate Protein Meal Bar
Special K™ Strawberry Protein Meal Bar

Special K® Flatbread Breakfast Sandwich Ham, Egg and Cheese
Special K® Flatbread Breakfast Sandwich Sausage, Egg and Cheese
Special K® Flatbread Breakfast Sandwich Egg with Vegetables and Cheese

Special K® Red Berries Waffles

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

China Glaze Hologlam Official Press Release

I just received the press release for the newest holographic collection from China Glaze, called Hologlam. My China Glaze OMG Collection is one of my favorites, so I'm anxious to see what this holographic collection looks like. The price seems high at $14.00 per bottle--that surprised me when I saw that. Nouveau Cheap is reporting that the collection has been spotted at Sally Beauty, where they are priced at $9.99 ($8.99 for Sally Beauty Card holders). Click here for her post, which also links to some great swatches. Are you looking forward to this collection?

China Glaze® Introduces 12 Illuminating Holographic Lacquers with Hologlam

Los Angeles, CA – (March 2013): 3…2…1…Blast off! Take your summer manicure out of this world with China Glaze® Hologlam, an all new 12-piece collection of shimmering holographic nail lacquers.

China Glaze® established itself as the leader in holographic nail lacquer with the 2007 OMG! collection, one of the most popular collections in the brands’ history. Fueled by that success and back by popular demand, China Glaze® Hologlam uses reflective, holographic particles to capture light and transform nails into amazing, ever-changing visual effects. With a strong linear finish whether indoor or shining bright in the sun, China Glaze® Hologlam bends and changes, creating an illuminated three-dimensional, traveling color effect across the nail.

The China Glaze® Hologlam collection features 12 futuristic shades, including:

Get Outta My Space: powdered violet
Astro-Hot: soft, baby pink
Infra-Red: warm, magenta pink
When Stars Collide: warm maroon
Not In This Galaxy: bright, warm coral
OMG A UFO: warm, moss green
Don’t Be A Luna-Tic: turquoise aqua
Sci-Fly By: light, silver blue
Take A Trek: cool, denim blue
Strap On Your Moonboots: midnight sky blue
Galactic Gray: warm, gunmetal
Cosmic Dust: silver metal

The China Glaze® Hologlam collection will be available in April 2013 at fine salons and beauty supply stores nationwide with an SRP of $14.

China Glaze is free of DBP, toluene, and added formaldehyde.

China Glaze nail lacquers are available through salons and professional beauty supply stores nationwide. For more information, please visit or follow China Glaze on Facebook (@ChinaGlaze), Twitter (@ChinaGlazeOfficial) and Pinterest (

China Glaze® is a division of American International Industries.

About American International Industries
For 42 years, AII has been the leading manufacturer and worldwide distributor of innovative, quality beauty and skin care products for men and women. Our product lines include Andrea, Ardell, Body Drench, Bye Bye Blemish, Checi, China Glaze, Clean + Easy, Clubman/Pinaud, Duo, European Secrets, EzFlow, Fright Night, Gena, GiGi, Gypsy Lash, IBD, It’s So Easy, Jeris-Lustray, LASH BeLONG, Nail Tek, No Tweeze/Micro Tweeze, 'N Rage, Poshe, Prolinc, RAW, Seche, SuperNail, Surgi-Care, Waterworks, Winning Nails, Woltra, Woody’s, and Youthair. For more information, visit our website: