Monday, December 3, 2012

November's Use It Up Roundup

Here's a quick roundup of the products that I used up during November, and my thoughts on their performance. I was pretty satisfied with everything this month, so nothing ended up being given away because it didn't work for me and might be better suited for someone else, and nothing went straight to the trash before it was empty due to inferior conduct!

Lancome Bi-Facil Eye Makeup Remover: This is my standard eye makeup removal product, and yes, I would definitely buy it again, so to speak. I always get these with their GWP offers, so I have never actually purchased it directly. I have a stash of these smaller sized bottles on hand at all times! This has been a staple of mine forever. It's gentle, very effective, non-greasy, and just everything I want in an eye makeup remover. Retail: $27.00/4.2 oz.

Reviva Labs Hawaiian Seaweed Cleansing Milk: I have a review for this coming up later in the week, so I'll talk more about this product at that time. I liked this, it did a good job cleansing, and a great job moisturizing my face without feeling heavy or greasy. It feels like I'm washing my face with a lotion, because it doesn't lather up. I was concerned that it wasn't cleansing my face all that well, but there was never any dirt or resideue on a toner soaked cotton ball after using it, so I would say that it did do a good job. Would I replace it? I would say that I might, simply because I have so many face washes, I don't have a need to at the moment. But yes, I definitely liked it well enough to use it in the future. Retail: $8.00/4 oz.

Reviva Labs Hyaluronic Acid Serum: Yes I love it, yes I've already replaced the empty bottle. Again! For the third or fourth time. Plumps up fine lines, plumps up my lips, evens out my skin tone, does the dishes, takes out the trash...okay, I'm getting carried away now, but this is a must-have for me. Reviva's product was my first HA product, and I now seek out skin care and cosmetics that contain this ingredient. Retail: $22.00/1 oz.

Rusk Multi 12-in-1 Miracle Treatment: This is a leave-in hair treatment that's designed to be sprayed on damp hair before heat styling. I reviewed this just today, and I have already begun using my second bottle. This product delivers super shine and body, and I am sure this will be something that I'll use for quite some time. Love it! I received my first bottle for review, and then bought my current bottle on Amazon, so prices will vary depending on where you buy it. Retail: $10.50/6 oz.

True Blue Spa Look Ma, New Hands: I found a couple of tubes of this product in one of my stash drawers, so I've been using it over the last several weeks. This has always been a favorite of mine, although I don't even see it on the Bath & Body Works web site currently, other than a newly designed tube in a mini size. So I'm not sure if this still comes in the size I have, but I'm glad to see they still carry it. This is a great hand cream--rich and thick, fast absorbing, and it really feels like it's not just softening and healing dry hands, but that it's also protecting them. I also love the scent. Since I have another tube left, I won't replace it at this time, but yes, in the future I would definitely pick up more of this product. The price I'm listing in what's on my tube, so if they still make it in this size, it's probably a little more now. Retail: $12.00/2.5 oz.

Omega-3 Fish Oil Supplement 1200 mg: It's not just what you put on the outside to look and feel better, right? I read in a magazine that fish oil capsules benefit skin, boost hydration, ward off wrinkles...all of that good I ran right out and bought some, and have taken them twice daily ever since. I had just turned 25 when I read that, and at the time I was having one of those "Oh wow, I can't believe I'm 25, that's so old" moments. Well, that was 28 years ago, so you do the math! I also take Flax Seed Oil capsules for basically the same purpose, and even though I am not wrinkle-free, I am very happy with my skin for my age. So yes, I will buy these again and again. Retail: $8.99/100 count.

Maybelline Define-A-Brow (light brown): I'm still on the hunt for my perfect eye brow pencil, and this one actually worked pretty well for me. It's only been a year or two at most that I've been using such a product, so I don't have a lot of experience with them. I'm not so sure it's the fault of the pencil that I haven't found something I'm completely satisfied with, because I think I need to learn how to apply them more flawlessly. I don't feel like I've achieved that talent yet, but in the meantime, I probably will pick up another one of these later this week until I decide on what to try next. Retail: $5.69.

So it was a pretty good month for the Use It Up products, because I found some new items that are definitely worth picking up again.

*Some of the products featured were furnished for consideration.

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