Friday, December 7, 2012

12 Days of Holiday Cheer Giveaway Day 5: American Apparel Lip Gloss Trio

Day 3 Winner Announcement: First, let me announce our winner (via of this giveaway series from Day 3. Congratulations to DontheApron! She will receive the Misa High Society Winter Collection. Thank you so much for sharing a little bit of yourselves with your answers to the Question of the Day. Our Day 3 Question was Lets talk Holiday food! Tell me what food(s) you look forward to eating during all of the Holiday festivities! Our winner answered Ooh - christmas cookies. I saw a recipe for one with cranberries and white chocolate chips that looked divine!

Day 5 of our 12 Days of Holiday Cheer Giveaway features three lip glosses from American Apparel. The shades (shown below l-r) are En Pointe, Micromesh, and Cafe Creme. Here's a reminder of the rules: Just answer the day's question (below) and leave your eMail in the comments (or check back to see if you've won if you don't feel comfortable leaving your address. You can then eMail me at U.S. residents only, Followers only (includes Google Friend Connect, subscribers, social media followers).

Happy Holidays, from me, to you!

12 Days of Holiday Cheer Question Day 5: Let's go back to our childhoods...what is the first Christmas/Holiday gift you remember receiving?

My Answer: I have no idea how old I was--I'm guessing about 3 or 4, but I got a toy pull along Scottie Dog with red wheels and a red string leash. It had a hard plastic fur covered body, and his sides had little buttons that made him bark. I loved that little dog! I don't know what ever happened to him, but I remember naming him Scottie. My originality and creativity in picking out a name were astounding :)

(note: I personally celebrate the Christmas Holiday, but I hope my questions are able to be interpreted for whatever Holiday you celebrate, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, etc.).

Each day's giveaway will be open for 48 hours. I know some of you subscribe via eMail and don't receive posts until a day or two later. Winners will be announced approximately 48 hours after each giveaway is posted.

*Prize furnished by American Apparel


  1. The first gift I remember getting for Christmas was a beautiful purple velvet dress! I was five :). I remember I was so enamored with it and wanted to keep it safe and pretty, so I put it back in the box. Well, mom came through to toss the garbage away, including my box! We didn't realize until it was too late that it had been taken to the dump :(. Oh dear, guess I'm still sad about it!!

  2. The first gift I remember receiving was a beautiful barbie! I remember making so many alternative outfits for her out of old clothing; I absolutely adored her :)

  3. A baby doll stroller.
    holliister at gmail dot com

  4. It was like.. a bubble of balls on wheels with a push stick? The balls popped when you pushed it, but I don't know what it is called lol.

  5. This question is harder that I expected. I remember one of my most anticipated gifts- an Easy Bake oven. I was so excited when I got and proceeded to rarely use it. But hey, it was a status symbol with little girls my age!

  6. All I remember is getting the candy bar I really wanted... That was also the year I found out who Santa really was....

    email: ariannecruz07 at

  7. I don't even remember how old I was, but I received a beautiful bride doll. Our cat had a wonderful time chewing its wedding dress!
    jryder416 at yahoo dot com

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  9. The first Christmas gift I remember getting was a plastic frog toy with butterfly wings, probably a character from some cartoon I can't remember. What I think makes me remember the toy so well is because it got lost/buried in the gift-unwrapping process, so I got to open one last gift after I thought we were all done opening presents for that year.
    Thanks for the fun giveaways!
    lisa.welding [at]

  10. The first Christmas gift I remember getting was a baby doll with a tiny plastic bottle. I held her, fed her, made a shoebox crib for her. I loved that baby doll.

  11. I remember getting a bride doll. I wanted one so badly, I must have been about 6 years old. I didn't really play with her, I just mostly stared at her.

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  13. I believe my first gift was a doll house :)