Friday, November 2, 2012

Sephora $17.00 Bargain! Sephora+Pantone Universe Shades of Nature Eye Shadow Palette

I was perusing the sale page at last night and noticed that the Sephora + Pantone Universe Shades of Nature Eye Shadow Palette is listed for just $17.00! If you're at all interested in picking this up, now is the time. I paid $48.00 for it when it first came out, so that's a nice price reduction. I've had a work-related love of the Pantone Matching System for the better part of my adult life, so yes, I'm sure subconsciously that I bought it for the name alone. It's not a bad little palette though, so I wanted to give you some more information about it if you're thinking you might need this in your collection of color cosmetics.

The packaging alone was enough to draw me in, with it's clean simplistic lettering and colorful artistic graphics. This palette is about the size of an iPad, and it comes packaged in a nice box.

Out of the box, the sleek sturdy plastic palette measures about 9" x 7" with a 1/2" depth.

Inside, you'll find 35 powder shadows with a mirrored lid. There's also a clear plastic overlay that pops off of the mirror which has all of the Pantone color numbers on it. The shadows are 3/4" square, and they include mattes, shimmers, pearls, and glitters in a wide range of Pantone colors.

The back of the box shows all of the colors and numbers in the same format that Pantone uses for their color decks.

The back of the palette shows the layout using just the numbers.

Below is a page I scanned from Allure Magazine a couple of months ago showing the colors. Allure asked makeup artists how they would use the colors, and I've referred back to this little piece for inspiration several times when using this palette.

I do think $48.00 was a steep price, but my Pantone brand love has no regrets. Had I waited until it went on sale, it could have sold out, and there's nothing like a missed cosmetics opportunity! The packaging of this palette is an A+ in my book, but if you aren't a fan of larger palettes, you may not like it. The quality of the shadows is average...they all have a soft, silky texture, but some of them lack pigmentation and can apply a little on the chalky side. Some of them apply beautifully, some are sheer but buildable, and some take a little work to get the application satisfactory. I find that if I use a primer followed by a light dusting of powder before applying, the troublesome shades work out pretty well.


  1. that's very cool bargain!!! love the shadow colors.

  2. Thanks for the heads up! I've had my eye on that for awhile...just ordered!

  3. those are such pretty shades. how cool is that pantone concept!

    pandaphilia fashion

  4. THANK YOU so very much for posting this!! I have wanted this set so badly but it was just so expensive and they were small...but at this price booyah! I picked up some other sale items, added all my point samples, free samples, plus a coupon offer and I'm going to have a nice gifty for myself :D


  5. Like this palette and it's an awesome deal but I cants stand the layout. I hate that the rows don't match up. I'm anal retentive about my makeup and the look of them staggered like that drives ,e crazy!

  6. ACK! kill me now. I also bought it full price along with the brushes (which are actually extremely good) I do not regret the purchase since I do love it and have used it many times. I may have to buy another one and just give it away to my friend :)

  7. This palette looks killer! I love the bright colors against the white background which sort of remind me of watercolor palettes.

  8. I'm french ! This palette is amazingly stunning :o