Thursday, September 27, 2012

Clairol Professional Care & Styling Collection Review & Giveaway!

Clairol recently introduced a new hair care line, and I've got a review and giveaway for you! One lucky winner will receive all 9 full-size Care and Styling products, valued at $100 from this line, which includes a nice range for a variety of hair types.

Clairol Professional has debuted their Care and Styling Collection featuring PRO4PLEX: Pro Technology, Pro Grade, Pro Results, and Pro Heritage, to provide color safe professional products at an affordable price. Clairol Pro’s launch is comprised of three Care collections: Repair, Smooth and Curl, and two Styling products: Volume Mousse and Shaping Gel. Clairol Pro’s customized Radialux™ technology targets areas where extra care is needed for luminous shine from roots to ends.

There are three categories of hair types that the products target:

REPAIR: Ideal for dry, damaged hair. Helps smooth to repair and condition dry, damaged hair and replenishes moisture to leave hair strong and conditioned with incredible shine. Includes shampoo, rinse-out conditioner, and leave-in conditioner.

SMOOTH: Ideal for frizzy hair. Fights frizz and sleeks hair even after one application and leaves it shiny and smooth. Includes shampoo and leave-in balm.

CURL: Ideal for naturally curly hair. Gives curls amazing shine and definition. Includes shampoo and leave-in conditioner.

In addition to the shampoos and conditioning products, there are also two styling products available:

VOLUME MOUSSE: Provides extra strong hold, giving fullness and body for all day volume.

SHAPING GEL: Holds, defines and accentuates any style, while washing out easily.

The chart below gives you a better idea of the products and their uses:

I've been rotating usage of the entire line, and have been very happy with the results. The Repair line (pictured below) works best for my hair, which for reference, is very fine and highlighted. I blow dry it daily and flat iron it, so it needs moisture without weighing it down. This set of products gives me more shine and fullness than I'd been getting using the Wella Brilliance line. It definitely looks healthier, and that makes me very happy! Leave-in conditioners are often too heavy for my hair type, but this one works very well and doesn't weigh my hair down at all. All of the Clairol products are color safe.

You can find these products in a number of beauty supply stores, and there is a store locator on Clairol Professional's web site. Sally Beauty happens to have them on sale through the end of September, both online and in-store according to an eMail I received from them last week. Each product is priced at $10.49, and they're on sale buy one/get one free, so that's a fantastic savings. The code for Sally Beauty if you're ordering online is 444271.


Torsten Witte, Hair Stylist: Torsten’s work spans celebrity hair styling, editorial shoots, concert stages, movie sets and advertising campaigns. He has earned a long list of A-list clientele and his work frequently appears in top-tier publications.

Kiyah Wright, Colorist: Kiyah works with artists in the film, TV and music industry such as Ciara, Jennifer Hudson and Gabrielle Union. Kiyah’s work can be seen in top fashion magazines and is frequently featured on-camera on hit television shows. When not on-set, Kiyah works with a loyal client base at the Warren-Tricomi Salon in Los Angeles.

GIVEAWAY DETAILS: One winner will receive all nine products from the Clairol Professional Care and Styling Collection, which includes: The Repair (3 pcs.), The Smooth (2 pcs.), The Curl (2 pcs.), and the Styling products (2 pcs.). The winner will be randomly selected from the comments below using If you'd like to enter for a chance to win this great range of products, leave a comment telling me your biggest hair concern for your hair type. I'll try to get one of Clairol's Brand Ambassadors to answer the winner's question! Be sure to check out Clairol Professional's Facebook page here for all kinds of hair tips and trends. You can leave your eMail in your comment or be sure to check back on October 5 when I announce the winner. Contest ends at midnight EST on October 4, 2012 and is open only to residents of the U.S.A. and Canada.

 *I participated in this sponsored post campaign for One2One Network. All opinions stated are my own. Products featured for review and prizes furnished by One2One Network. 

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

OPI German-icure with NYX Gilded Glitter

OPI German-icure is the only shade I picked up from their Germany Fall 2012 Collection, and I love it! Deep, dark, vampy, rich...a lot of appealing aspects to this one. The dark charcoal base gives this shimmery burgundy wine shade an added dimension, creating almost a vignette effect. Two coats covered nicely, and I used a top coat in these photos. I love the way it has a plush/velvet look.

Pictured outdoors under cloudy skies above, and indoors in house lighting, you can see it has a touch of gold in the shimmer and a very slight brown tone in certain lighting.

I've been thinking about OPI's upcoming gold leaf top coat called The Man With The Golden Gun, and I've also been thinking that $30.00 for that polish is a pretty hefty price tag! NYX Gilded Glitter might be a comparable alternative, sans the price tag and the pretty gold plated bottle. Below are a couple of photos in different lighting using NYX Gilded Glitter over German-icure, and I used two coats.

If you look at the macro shot of Gilded Glitter in the bottle, you can see that it's filled with various shapes of gold glitter, none of them uniform. It's also got tiny gold glitter mixed in with the larger flakes, and this shade has a very pale gold tinted clear base.

The nail macro shot shows a better depiction of the shapes, and what I like about this glitter top coat is that the glitter is so imperfectly shaped. It does give the illusion of shredded gold leaf, and for about $2.00 a bottle, I think I can pass on the OPI shade.

Are you tempted to pick up OPI's The Man With The Golden Gun when it comes out? I would say that I was initially, but I'm satisfied with other alternatives.

Monday, September 24, 2012

Disney Cinderella Collection by Sephora Available Now for Beauty Insiders!

The Disney Cinderella Collection by Sephora is now available online for Beauty Insiders/VIB's. It will be available in Sephora stores in October, so if you're a VIB, order away! I'm debating on a couple of the color cosmetics items...The Midnight Hour Eye Shadow Palette and the Moonlit Kiss Lipstick Set...although I really only want the dark vampy lipstick! Do you see anything you like?

Midnight Hour Eye Shadow Palette $30.00

Storylook Eyeshadow Palette $55.00

A Brush With Fate Nail Polish Set $24.50

Moonlit Kiss Lipstick Set $25.00

Compact Mirror $20.00

1.7 oz Eau de Parfum Spray - So This Is Love…$58.00
(also available in 0.2 oz. rollerball $19.00)

So This Is Love…Swarovski Edition $175.00

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Spotted: Sinful Bewitched Collection for Halloween

I spotted a small Sinful Colors Halloween display at Walgreens today, so I took a quick picture and of course picked up a couple of the lone glitter polish called Pumpkin Spice! The collection is called Bewitched, and it includes 4 shades of polish and three nail art stripers. None of the other items looked unique to me, and I'm not sure if they're new or repromotes. The other shades are Purple Let's Talk, Courtney Orange, and Black on Black. The purple and orange are shimmers, and the black looked like a black creme.

Pumpkin Spice has a clear base and is packed full of small gold foil glitter and larger red glitter. It doesn't really scream Halloween to me, but it is very sparkly and pretty. With the right base color, a Halloween look is certainly possible, and I think it would also work nicely for a Christmas look.

Below shows two coats applied over a white nail wheel.

A look at the bottle in macro.

Friday, September 21, 2012

NYC Fashion Predator: Python Green, Lethal Purple, Rock Muse

NYC New York Color has a limited edition Fall collection out, and I picked up a trio of nail polish shades when I spotted this at Meijer last week. The Fashion Predator Collection includes an assortment of polishes, eye liners, lip glosses, eye shadow palettes, and mascara.

Python Green is a murky olive green shade with a charcoal base and golden micro glitter. The formula is thin--not really problematic, but after the first coat, there were quite a few bald areas. I touched those up and then did a second coat, and ended up adding a third coat. The end result was worth that third coat!

This shade likely has some dupes out there, but my first thought was that I thought it was similar to Butter London's Wallis. Swatches on a nail wheel show that they are similar, but not identical. Below the nail wheel photo are macro shots of each one, NYC on the left, and Butter London on the right. Wallis has more gold, and the finish is more refined.

Lethal Purple is a medium grape purple tone with very fine shimmer. When I look closely, I can see tiny magenta and blue shimmer pieces in the mix. This shade has a very pretty "glowy" finish, and while not unique in color, I do like this shade. This one was also thin and I used three coats.

Rock Muse is noted as a "Top Coat Fixateur" on the bottle, so I assume it's meant to use as a top coat over other polish shades. I'm sure you can use it alone as a nail color, but I used it over Python Green and Lethal Purple just to see what it did. While it didn't morph them into anything extraordinary, it is an interesting polish. Below is two coats of Rock Muse on a nail wheel, and it's a medium charcoal grey (thin formula) with tiny multi colored micro shimmer that's primarily blue.

Below is a coat of Rock Muse over Python Green on my index and middle (top two) fingers. It tones down the shade, darkens it a bit, but doesn't totally change the color. I like the effect, and it will be intersting to see what it does over other shades and finishes. I also want to note that the photos above of Python Green were taken outdoors, and the photo below was taken indoors. You can see the smokiness/haziness in lower lighting of Python Green better in this photo.

Here's a look at one coat of Rock Muse over Lethal Purple (on the two nails on the left). Subtle changes, but I think this polish will be useful for certain applications. I want to try it over some glittery polishes next.

If you're out looking for this collection, here's a quick shot of what the display looks like. The Green Python and Lethal Purple retailed for $1.79 each, and the Rock Muse retailed for $2.39.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

My Picks From The L'Oreal Project Runway 2012 Collection

There are four different sets in this year's Project Runway Collection from L'Oreal, and after hitting up several Walgreens, I found one that had all four in stock. A couple of the Walgreens I went to only had one set out, so I knew I had to keep looking! Here's a look at all of the collections, courtesy of These are BOGO 50% off this week at Walgreen's, so I picked up a range of products that I thought looked interesting, and I've got nail swatches and product pictures for you today.

The Muse's Attitude, shown indoors above and outdoors below, is a beautiful teal shimmer. A deep charcoal base adds to the depth of this shade, and the formula was fantastic. I used two coats and no top coat in these photos.

The Muse's Inspiration, a burnt orange or tangerine shade, is also a shimmer. This one also had a great formula, and I think I could get away with just one coat, but I used two coats in this photo. I love how this one seems to glow.

The Temptress' Power is a champagne hue with aqua greenish/blue shimmer. It looks like it has a touch of duo chrome in the bottle, but I wouldn't say that the look transfers to the nail. Shown indoors above, and outdoors below, you can see that two coats gives sparse coverage. Don't discount this shade though, because I used it over several darker shades on a nail wheel, and it's a beautiful polish transformer when used that way.

It looks so pretty in the bottle, doesn't it?

Below is a group shot of what I picked up from this collection.

The Muse's Inspiration, The Temptress' Power, The Muse's Attitude

The Mystic's Kiss

The Queen's Shine, The Mystic's Shine, The Muse's Shine

The Temptress' Gaze

I'm obsessed with the dark vampy lip trend this Fall, so I'm anxious to try out The Mystic's Kiss and The Queen's Shine. I'll be doing a post next week sharing my favorite lip shades for Fall, and these will likely be included. Have you spotted this collection yet? Let us know what you picked up!

On a similar note, has anyone seen a Color of Hope Collection from L'Oreal this year? I have not, and I can't find any information about one, so perhaps they aren't doing one.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Reviva Labs September Summer Skincare Giveaway!

First, let me announce that the winner of our Sweets for Feet Giveaway is Jennifer! Please contact me at to arrange delivery of your prize! Congratulations to her, and thanks to all who entered.

WINNER ANNOUNCEMENT: OCTOPUS818/Lisa is the winner of the Reviva Labs Summer Skincare Giveaway for September!

Today we have the final Reviva Labs Summer Skincare Giveaway! Each month for the last six months, Reviva Labs has been featuring their Summer Skincare Giveaways on several blogs. The product prize duos for each month have focused on caring for your skin, from prepping it for the warmer months, to hydrating and protecting it throughout the Summer heat, and finally, to repairing and renewing your facial skin for the upcoming dryer, cooler weather.

This month, one random winner will receive Reviva's Hyaluronic Acid Serum, and their TGF beta-1 Cream. Read on for more information about these useful products!

Reviva Lab's Hyaluronic Acid Serum-1 oz. bottle/$22.00

I've been using Reviva's Hyaluronic Acid Serum for over a year now, and it is a staple of my facial skin care routine. I apply this as a serum after cleansing, followed by my moisturizer. This product can also be used alone. Here is the product description: Reviva Labs has now compounded a higher level of premium Hyaluronic Acid into a precious fluid that can help raise skin's moisture level to fill-in furrows, plump up tissues and tone-down lines. Apply under creams in the evening or alone to hydrate skin. If also seeking firmness, alternate with our DMAE Firming Fluid. Benefits: Unlike products that depend on moisture in the air, HA can help hydrate skin even in dry climates or heated rooms that rob skin of moisture.

The results I receive from this product include diminished fine lines around my eyes and lips, skin feels soft and hydrated, and skin texture is even without any dry or flaky areas. In addition to applying it around my lips to help with fine lines, I recently began applying it directly on my lips, and I do believe it plumps them up just a bit.

There is absolutely no greasy feel to this, and it absorbs instantly. One pump is all I need, so a litle goes a long way.

TGF (Tissue Growth Factor) beta-1 Cream-2 oz. jar/$35.00

The TGF beta-1 Cream is a moisturizer designed to improve the tissue structure of your skin. By increasing collagen systhesis by 119%, this product can help your skin regain some of the lost collagen that has been diminished due to the aging process. Reviva Labs recommends using this product in 2-week cycles, so I've been utilizing this as my moisturizer applied over either the Hyaluronic Serum or some other serum I may be testing, for two weeks. I then switch to another moisturizer for 2 weeks. It's a light cream formula with no scent, there is no greasy residue, and it absorbs very quickly. If you need a heavier moisturizer, you can apply this product as your serum, followed by a moisturizer.

The packaging states that "It won't happen overnight. But after 8 weeks, you'll look at your skin and say...WOW!" I am going into my fifth week (2 weeks using this, 2 weeks using another moisturizer, now a couple of days into my fifth week using the TGF-beta-1 Cream again), and I'll admit, I noticed no real difference after the first 2 weeks. On my third day of using this product for the second 2 weeks, I'm noticing a nice "glow" to my skin, along with what seems to be some added firmness. I'll continue using this for the full 8 weeks, and hopefully I'll be able to say "WOW"! Below is more information on this product from Reviva Labs:

Reviva's Collagen Regeneration Cream is distinct because it both repairs damaged cells and stimulates new collagen. So current imperfect collagen is "corrected" and new collagen flourishes. This renewed collagen combination boosts moisture, improves tissue structure, helps reduce the appearance of wrinkles, and enhances overall skin tone and texture. What's more, our rich blend of ingredients, including the potent antioxidant CoQ10 helps protect against future damage. Collagen Regeneration Cream can be used alone or "layered" over various anti-aging serums or combined with other anti-aging treatments in your beauty regimen.

You can view all of the ingredients for both of these products by clicking on the product links above. Reviva Labs is a cruely-free company, and uses all natural and organic ingredients.

ENTRY DETAILS: One lucky follower will be selected using to receive both of these products. If you'd like to enter, just leave a comment with your eMail below. If you aren't comfortable leaving your eMail address, be sure to check back on October 1 when I announce the winner, and we can make contact. Contest ends at midnight EST on September 30, 2012. U.S. residents only, as prize package will be sent to you directly from Reviva Labs.

*Products featured for review and product prize package furnished by Reviva Labs.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Sweets for Feet Review & Giveaway!

Renowned acupressure and reflexologist Kathy Guditis developed Sweets For Feet, which combine sense memories from childhood with natural advances in skincare to heal one's body. Accustomed to using greasy and slippery moisturizers in her profession, Kathy wanted to create new products that would be hydrating, but non greasy. She developed a unique and effective mixture of Aloe Vera and Shea Butter combined with 8 exotic fruit extracts, giving these creams a therapeutic effect which can slow aging, increase levels of antioxidants in the body, and reduce pain, as well as high blood pressure. Best of all, Sweets For Feet can also be used on your hands, body, or face, as the Aloe Vera, Shea Butter and extracts heal dry facial skin. It was recently tested on the face at the Whole Body area of Whole Foods and passed with flying colors. Sweets For Feet are unmatched in their ability to hydrate and heal sore feet and tired toes. Four sugared fragrances – Buttercream Dream, Ginger Spice Cookie, Lemonade Cake and the rich Greek pastry, Baklava, are currently available, as well as a non-scented version for people with allergies, or sensitive skin.

Sweets for Feet sent over a lovely package of hydrating foot care confectionaries, and they are delightful! Delicious scents, non-greasy, natural and organic ingredients...what's not to love! These multitasking whipped cream formula products are infused with eight exotic fruit extracts, shea butter, aloe, and a host of other beneficial ingredients to treat and soften dry feet. They also work well as a moisturizer on your hands, face, and body.

The scents (above) are light and soft...gentle enough to not interfere with other scents you may be wearing, but scented enough to enjoy their notes. The formula is of medium consistency, and it absorbs and melts into the skin for immediate relief. I've been using this on my hands and feet with very good results, and my feet, which are often neglected, look and feel so much nicer.

Sweets for Feet are available on their website at the link above, and they retail for $20.00 each (4 oz. jar). You can also check them out on Facebook here.

Giveaway Details: I'll be giving away one jar of the Baklava, and one jar of the Ginger Spice Cookie! One lucky follower will receive these two yummy Sweets for Feet treats. If you'd like to enter for a chance to win, just leave a comment and let me know if your feet need a sweet treat! Be sure to leave your eMail, and if you aren't comfortable leaving it, check back on September 17 when I announce the winner, and we'll get in touch with each other. U.S. residents only. Contest ends September 16 at midnight, EST.

*Products and prizes featured were furnished for consideration by the manufacturer or PR firm.

New from Infinity Sun: Avance Lip Balme SPF15

Infinity Sun, the leader in sunless tanning announces the launch of their Avance Balme, the next generation of lip care and sun protection made purely to keep lips soft and beautiful all year long. Avance Balme is a blend of the finest certified organic ingredients, including Organic Beeswax, Organic Coconut Oil, Vitamin E, Organic Rosemary Extract and Organic Calendula. Containing SPF15 and available in four different variations, Coconut, Vanilla, Citrus and Spearmint, Avance Balme is perfect for use by itself or under lipstick to ensure smooth, even application. Each Balme retails for $3.49

I received these four lip balms for review, and they are quite impressive for a number of reasons. Their price point is very reasonable at $3.49, their ingredients are all natural and organic, they feel soft and soothing, and their flavors are very subtle, which I prefer over highly scented and flavored lip products.

There is something in the ingredients or the combination of ingredients that I'm really loving with these balms, and that is the fact that they make my lips look fuller. I first noticed it the morning after I used these for the first time. I happened to put some on before I went to bed, and I noticed the next morning how much fuller my lips looked. I would say they're about 25% fuller, so I've also been using this as a base during the day before I apply color to continue to enjoy this benefit.

Below is a look at the type of ingredients found in these balms:

Lip balms are a must in my daily routine. I always have them on hand, and the minute my lips start to feel dry, I swipe something on them. These balms smooth out my lips in addition to plumping them up, and the SPF 15 is an added bonus. They're much softer than ChapStick brand balms, and they have a decent wear length before I feel the need to apply more. I've also been using one of these to moisturize my cuticles.

You can purchase a set of all four flavors from for $13.96, and I see there are some online eTailers (Amazon and Dermstore) that also carry this brand. Those eTailers don't yet have this particular product, but they are new, so hopefully they'll be adding them soon.

Infinity Sun is on Facebook here and Twitter here, if you'd like to learn more about them.

*Products featured were furnished for consideration.