Friday, August 3, 2012

In the News: Sally Hansen to Launch At-Home Gel Nail Products

Sally Hansen is joining the at-home gel nail trend by introducing 2 new products that they believe will be a big hit in this rapidly growing market sector. Both products are expected to build upon the success of their Complete Salon Manicure and Salon Effects Real Nail Polish Strips.

The Salon InstaGel Strips are aimed at women who want a quick gel manicure and features UV-cured real nail polish appliqu├ęs. The two-step process requires the nails to be cleansed and then the polish strips are applied followed by a gel top coat and curing from the LED light. According to Ralph Macchio, chief scientific officer of Coty Global, an added benefit is the polish is infused with Vitamin E to help nourish the nails. Salon InstaGel is available in 16 solid colors and eight fashion designs. Buyers said the designs help separate Sally Hansen’s line from the rest of the competitors on the market. The starter kit retails for $29.99 and the items are also available separately.

The other launch, Salon GelPolish, is targeted at a slightly older woman who wants a professional grade system for home. Also using an LED light, this is a three step process. The starter kit retails for $69.99 and has enough product for 10 manicures. “That’s the message we need to convey,” a buyer said. “You can get all those manicures for the same price as two at a salon.

While consumers have embraced the home gel trend, there are complaints of difficulty removing the nails. Macchio said the technology used in the products has eliminated that issue,” We’ve taken care of the disappointment. You can remove these in minutes,” he said.



  1. How cool! Love that they are combining their strips with gel curing. Can't wait to try it.

  2. What Sasha said! I love the idea!

  3. When is this product being released if it hasn't been already?

  4. Just bought at walmart and I love it! Looks just like a professional did it!