Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Coming Soon: Jin Soon Nail Lacquer

Jin Soon Choi, founder and owner of the Jin Soon Natural Hand & Foot Spas in New York City, will soon be launching her own nail lacquer line. Her nail lacquer collections with MAC Cosmetics are among my favorites, and I've long admired her work and her opinions in the beauty and fashion arena. I've been anxiously awaiting word on when this collection would launch (August/September on SpaceNK.com) ever since I first heard about it. Magazine editors are Tweeting photos of her polishes this evening, so I knew their arrival was coming soon. I found a great article about Jin Soon Choi and the philosophy behind her line on Style.com here, if you'd like to check it out.

I love the classic design and architecture of the bottles, and the simplistic yet attractive typeface of her name. I especially love the elegant, refined beauty of the shades themselves. I think my nail polish appetite is ready for a palate cleanser in this current world of glitters and nail art!

Photo Source: Style.com


  1. Umm, they don't look very original to me just by that photo. I've seen those colors many times on other brands, I hope when we actually see swatches of them we will be able to appreciate them more.

  2. Hey dear i love Nail lacquer, i still waiting for these.

  3. I saw these at the SpaceNK at Tyson's Corner and I was very excited! They're not high gloss without a top coat, the blue is a blue jelly, the purple has nice pigmentation, the bright red just looks a little cheap against my skin. There're a bunch I didn't get to try on my nails, but I wasn't thrilled. Unless some blogger reveals that they're totally miraculous, I'm not going to buy. Still, it was pretty exciting to see them.