Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Palette Love: Tarina Tarantino Emerald Pretty Eyeshadow Palette

I love palettes. Eyeshadow palettes, lip palettes, combination palettes...I'm sure I have more than I'll ever need, but I do enjoy them. I also love packaging, and I'll be the first to admit that I have plenty of palettes that have beautiful packaging, but the products within are nothing outstanding. I also have palettes that don't have the prettiest packaging, but they contain great products. Tarina Tarantino's Emerald Pretty Eyeshadow Palette has everything I want in a palette: stunning packaging, high quality shadows in shades that work well together, and creative color names. If you break it down by "cost per shadow", it has a very reasonable price. It is a rather large palette, so that may or may not impress you. Take a look!

The palette is big, measuring 4 1/2" x 6 3/4". It's a sturdy, well-made, substantial cardboard palette--for lack of a better word--with a magnetic closure. It comes in a matching box (not shown), and both have an aqua and green print. The palette itself has beautiful prismatic holographic features on the cardboard that shift and change in the light.

The palette has a mirror inside, although I don't ever seem to use the mirror portion of any palette.

I love the names of the shadows in this Wizard of Oz inspired palette. Click on photos to enlarge and read the names.

To give you an idea of how large (they're huge!) the shadows are, I placed a penny next to them for comparison. Each shadow is 0.9 oz.

Here's a closer look at the shades, which have lovely intricacies in their color. I'll describe the colors in more detail after the photos. Click to enlarge the photos to see the color details.

Top, left to right: Glinda's Kiss, Silver Shoes, Dandy Lion.
Bottom, left to right: Saw Dust Heart, Ozma, Very Wicked.

The swatches are shown in full sun first, and then indoors in natural lighting.

Glinda's Kiss: I thought this was a slightly off-white shade, but one I applied it, I saw much more than that. Some of these shadows have a bit of a duo chrome effect, particularly this one. It's a soft white that shifts to the palest of greens, with a hint of gold, and it's gorgeous. The official description calls this an iridescent white.

Silver Shoes: More grey than silver, this shadow is a darker shade of grey. It's deep and sultry, and it works well for a smoky eye look. The official description calls it a pearlized silver.

Dandy Lion: This is one of my favorite colors for eyes and nails. It's a deep antique golden olive green/bronzey shade. The gold seems to rise to the top, highlighting the olive base. The official description is a pearlized olive green.

Saw Dust Heart: This deep rich espresso brown hue is the lone matte finish in the palette. The official description is a matte deep brown.

Ozma: The cleverest name of all! This is a stunning teal/turquoise shade that is just gorgeous. It's one of the prettiest turquoise shades I've seen. The official description is a pearlized aqua blue.

Very Wicked: A cross between olive green and forest green, this shade has a very deep charcoal/brown base. A smoked-out green is what I would call it. The official description is a pearlized emerald green.

I'm very happy with this purchase, which is available at Sephora for $36.00. The shadows are vibrant, buttery and smooth, wear well with no creasing (I use primer by Reviva Labs), and they have strong pigmentation. I haven't experimented using them wet, but I'm sure that would add even more intensity to them. I should clarify that I haven't used any of them wet other than Saw Dust Heart, which is a matte brown that I use as an eyeliner. There's no fallout from the shadows, and just a little bit goes a long way. With the exception of Saw Dust Heart (matte), they have a shimmery finish with metallic sheen. They blend beautifully, and I'm finding lots of different color combinations using them.


  1. i'm a sucker for shades like this. they look beautiful! i'd like to see a look with these!

    pandaphilia style

  2. I love it. I have always been attracted to her products but have never purchased, I may have to.

  3. I've wanted this palette forever! Every review I've seen tells me that I must own it, so maybe it's time to pull the trigger! Thanks for the swatches!