Monday, July 23, 2012

New from Color Club: Ruby Wing Color Changing Polish

I came across this information through a link on the Color Club web site! Ruby Wing Color Changing Nail Polish is a new offering from Color Club. There are currently 18 shades available, with a retail price of $12.00 each. If you hover over each color on the site, you can see the color change. Here's what their site has to say:

You're a free-spirited girl. You appreciate a great music festival as much as a hike in the woods. You embrace the notion of creating waves, but you'd rather be riding them. You love the beach even though your life doesn’t always feel like a day at one. You celebrate life and all it has to offer, and you change your mind all the time—just because you can. Now, there’s a nail polish that celebrates you.

Ruby Wing™, the first collection from SolarClub, is every free spirit’s dream: nail polish that changes color in the sunlight or daylight.

(SolarClub is part of the New York-based company Forsythe Cosmetics®, manufacturer of Color Club®-a brand dedicated to celebrating color in all its form. SolarClub represents a perfect blend of east and west, city and country, day and night.)

Color changing polish has traditionally been unpredictable. But after years of research and development, SolarClub has perfected the most consistent, stable, and durable SolarActive® technology to date.

Formulated and bottled in New York City, every Ruby Wing polish is completely non-toxic, environmentally safe, and 4-FREE (no harsh chemicals like toluene, formaldehyde, camphor, and DBP). Plus, they're vegan, and never tested on animals. Your life is full of variety and change. Shouldn't your nail polish be, too?

Even more exciting to me is that they also have a six-piece holographic collection coming out called Halo Hues!

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  1. WHOA. The colors Desert Valley and Festival look crazy!!

  2. Can't wait to try them. The colors look great!

  3. I saw some pics that VNS tweeted, didn't know they were from CC. But for $12, maybe I'll wait for the holos

  4. Great news! and the colors look amazing!

  5. Where can I find them in New York?