Friday, May 4, 2012

New Sally Hansen, Wet 'n' Wild & Massini Studio M's Sighted!

Meijer had some new displays today, so I took a couple of quick shots with my phone to share with you! I picked up some things from the Sally Hansen and Massini Studio M displays, but opted out of getting the Wet 'n' Wild products. Have a look:

Sally Hansen's Complete Salon Manicure Limited Edition Runway Collection is a mix of cremes and shimmers in fourteen shades. The shades look like a mix of colors associated with Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter.
The Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear display holds 4 shades, 2 cremes and 2 foil-type finishes.
Wet 'n' Wild's Sparks & Stripes is a glitter bomb explosion! The shades include 5 multi-colored glitters and 1 shade that has a milky/clear base with star shaped glitter. 
Wet 'n' Wild's Beach Bomb Shell highlighters. If I recall correctly, these are available in 3 different shades. They look very pretty, and they're quite large.
Massini had a new end-cap display that contained quite a few core shades, but they also had some glitters that look to be core colors with glitter added. They're almost neon shades and from left to right are Glitter Twinkle, Glitter Solar, Glitter Outer Space, and Glitter Astral.
These are the four shades that I selected from the Sally Hansen display. From left to right are Temptation, a creamy peachy/tangerine shade, Olive Branch, an olive shimmer, Petrol, an inky deep cobalt that might have a jelly finish, and Loves Me Not, a deep purple shade filled with micro glitter. I'm most interested in seeing Loves Me Not on the nail, because if you look at the bottle pictures below this group shot, it seems to have an interesting and intricate look.

Have you spotted any of these displays yet?


  1. I'm ridiculously jealous of the range of product you lucky ducks get - we have some beauties here in Dublin but nothing like those x

  2. I like Sally Hansen's nail polishes, the yellow one is on my wishlist (^_^)

    Quemando Fantasias

  3. I have Olive Branch & Loves Me Not. Loves Me Not is beautiful on. It's still very purple - it doesn't look almost black on the nail and has a lovely glass finish.

  4. OMG I so ''need'' those Wet n Wild glitters!

  5. Haven't seen any of these yet but they sure are pretty!

  6. Better believe I'm headed to Meijer this weekend to see if they have this Studio M. display up! They're BEAUTIFUL!

  7. Lovely blog with so many interesting and inspiring posts! Love your work:) Would you like to follow each other?

  8. the wet n wild glitter polishes look cute :)

  9. Oooh the wet n wild collection is tempting !

  10. Those Wet n Wild polishes look to be dupes of the Spoiled ones, must hunt them down and examine them.


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