Thursday, March 29, 2012

Deborah Lippmann Mirrored Chrome Nail Lacquers

After being MIA for the month of March due to internet connection issues, I think I'm back in business. New router, new wireless router, Comcast vists...oh, how I hate technology sometimes! My laptop still won't connect, but my desktop is finally staying online for more than a minute or two at at time, so we'll see if it really is fixed.

I just received an eMail from announcing these three beautiful shades that are now available to order, and they will be shipping on April 2. I've been offline for so long, this is the first I've heard about this offering. I'm going to order Swagga Like Us and Private Dancer. I have some older mirror finish polishes from Revlon and Sally Hansen, but they're streaky and not particularly pretty because of that. Deborah Lippmann polishes always have such a nice formula, so I'm hopeful that these will be more impressive. And they're duo chromes! Or at least they sound like duo chromes from the description:

Luxe metallic touches set the tone for a modern look for Spring. Inspired by beautifully finished metals on the runway at Chloe, Cavalli and Gucci I wanted to add a new finish to our collection that could take the idea of "your nails as an accessory" to the next level.

Introducing the season's hottest nail lacquer finish--Mirrored Chrome Nail Lacquer. Paint your nails with a true mirrored, chrome-like finish. Splurge on your nails "the newest accessory".

Swagga Like Us in oxidized copper teal, Sugar Daddy in antique champagne lilac and Private Dancer in gilded ultra violet. These shades actually flip or change color when seen from different angles. It's a cool, completely unique look that almost looks like you dipped your fingertips in liquid metal.

Price: $18.00

What do you think about these? Do you think they'll have a "true" mirrored finish? I know I should wait for swatches, but I'm afraid if I do that, they'll sell out before I can get them.


  1. These are the first I've heard of these, too! And they look amazing, judging form bottle pics and descriptions. Of course, that often can differ from what we see in person... tough call! I think I'll wait to see swatches, but it's tempting to order!

  2. Haha nooo Mary! Don't order them! I'm pretty sure China Glaze has dupes of these in the New Bohemian Luster Chrome collection that is coming out :)

  3. Wait, is Swagga Like Us going to be another Peridot dupe? Jeez, a Revlon one should be coming up soon, eh? I should have held out a little longer, haha!

  4. All three look beautiful. I don't own any DL polishes, as I am new to the polish game. But I sure would love to see pictures of these.

  5. Can't wait to see these and I was wondering what happened to you! :)

  6. These sound amazing - but I know how good the ad dept is at DL. They might look just like frosted metalics when they come out - ya never know.

  7. I scooped them up when I saw them online at Neiman Marcus ;) DL is one of my favorite brands, so far I haven't gotten a bad bottle yet ;) I think they will have a nice duochrome and that's enough--if they do have a mirror finish....*swoon*