Thursday, February 2, 2012

Misa Precious Moments Spring 2012 Collection

Misa's Precious Moments Spring 2012 Collection offers 6 creme shades that include a mix of neutrals and pastels. The press release refers to the colors as tender muted shades, which describes them well. I used 2 coats on all of these except Bed of Roses, which is shown using 3 coats. I did not apply a top coat, and these were photographed indoors with an Ott lamp for lighting.

Bed of Roses is a rosy bright pink shade with a jelly finish. This is a sheer polish--not necessarily a bad thing, but 2 coats left me with visible nail lines so I opted to add a third coat. The formula itself was just the right consistency, and easy to apply. This shade has an extremely glossy finish, and it has a milky quality to it. I'm not a big fan of pinks, but I do love this one. I would describe the color as a bubblegum pink.

Sweet Thing is a soft greyed out lavender shade. It's very subtle and soft, making it a nice neutral pastel for Spring. The formula on this shade was slightly thick, but that didn't give me any problems during the application.

Pinky Promise is described by Misa as a ballet-slipper pink. This delicate pink hue has a hint of lilac to it. The formula is very creamy, making the application a breeze.

Someone Like You is a soft beige-pink, and it also has a touch of dirty peach to it. This shade also has a thicker formula, but levels off evenly.

Deep Breath is described as a dreamy periwinkle, and the promo picture looked like a pale dusty grey periwinkle shade. While this shade is nice dove grey hue with a good formula, I don't see the periwinkle anywhere, so that was a little disappointing.

Little Hands has an official description of a pastel mint green. This is a pale aqua green shade that is almost a perfect match to a Tiffany's box, so I'll call it a Tiffany blue. The formula on this was again on the thick side and I will likely add some thinner to it the next time I use it.

This is a pretty Spring collection, but I'm not seeing anything entirely unique in this selection of colors. Misa is one of my favorite brands for a number of reasons, but I would like to see them introduce some more creative shades, because I know they have that ability. Misa's Dirty Sexy Money was very unique and original when they came out with it, and many other companies have since introduced similar colors. Embroidered Emerald is one of my all time favorite polish shades, and they have many other unique and truly gorgeous shades that they've come out with over the years.

I love their bottles, I think they have one of the best formulas out there the majority of the time, and their polishes always seem to have higher than average pigmentation. There are some pretty shades in their Spring collection, and the fact that Misa's formula is thick but very workable, practically guarantees a 2 coat even finish. It's not often I end up with such good coverage on pastel shades, but these worked out very nicely. That being said, they present some nice on trend shades in this collection, but I do love when they come out with some "off trend" shades that give the other companies something to copy.

*Products featured were furnished by the manufacturer or PR firm for consideration.


  1. Some of them look so squishy! Pretty shades, but I'll have to wait to see what other brands are putting out before settling on getting these.

  2. I really like Deep Breath & Someone Like You. However I think I could find most of these in super close dupes. SeaSpray is a tish darker than Deep Breath but it reminds me of SS (from CG). What I do like is not one of these looks chalky at all which so often happens with pastels.

  3. I really like Misa's formula, but I'll be skipping this collection. I think I probably have dupes for each of the colors here.