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IO Beauty Launching at QVC & Giveaway for my Readers!

Update: Congratulations to the winner, Beauty to Love! Thank you to all who entered.

IO Beauty is launching on QVC this Friday, February 17 at 10:00 PM on the Lisa Robertson Show. I don't normally offer giveaways on products that I haven't personally used, but this is an exception because it's a fantastic opportunity for one of my lucky readers to win a complete 4 piece IO Beauty Skin Care Set. I am however, quite familiar with the cosmetics line of one of the founders, Sue Devitt. She makes a wide range of beautiful cosmetics that I would put in the same quality/price range of brands such as Estee Lauder and Laura Mercier. Sue Devitt has partnered with Tanya Zuckerbrot, who is a nutrtionist and best-selling author. You can learn more about both of IO Beauty's creators here. After reading through the press material and exploring the IO Beauty web site, I was convinced that this product line was worth sharing with you, sight unseen, so to speak.

The concept and science of IO Beauty is worth a read, and you can learn much more about it by visiting their web site. What's unique about this skin care regimen in addition to their science, is that you actually ingest the Boosters drops for optimum results. It's a dual use product, because the Booster drops are also designed to be mixed with the Treatment Concentrate to form step one of the regimen, which is to apply this combination as a serum. You then follow that application with the Moisture Concentrate, and also included is an Eye Concentrate, which is applied around the eye area. The 4 piece set includes the following:

-IO BEAUTY Protect/Rejuvenate IO BOOSTERS
-IO Beauty Protect/Rejuvenate Treatment Concentrate
-IO BEAUTY Protect/Rejuvenate Moisture Concentrate
-IO BEAUTY Protect/Rejuvenate Eye Concentrate

Women who used IO BEAUTY Protect Rejuvenate experienced:
-90% Improved Appearance of Skin
-80% Improved Firmness
-97% Improved Hydration
-97% Smoother Skin
-100% Liked the Taste of the IO BOOSTER

Here's what you need to do to enter! Below is the information that I received in the press release. If you're going to enter to win something, you want to know what it's all about, right? There are 5 questions at the end of the post, all pertaining to IO Beauty and their product line. If you read about their line, you should be able to answer the questions. One random winner will be selected, and if they've answered all of the questions correctly, they win. If not, I'll let continue to select winners until we get one with all 5 correct answers. Entries will be accepted until midnight, February 20. The winner will be contacted on February 21. U.S. residents only, as the prize will be mailed from the manufacturer or PR firm. So go ahead and read the information below, enlighten yourself on this product line, and leave your answers in the comments section! No need to copy and paste the questions, just list your 5 answers in the order that the questions appear. (Note: I had this set up with a Rafflecopter entry form and it was not loading correctly. I'm now using the comments to accept entries. Please leave your eMail as well so that I can contact you should you win. If you would prefer not to leave your eMail, please check back on Tuesday when I announce the winner, and then you can contact me. I apologize for any inconvenience.)

ONLY TWO DAYS AWAY! QVC unveils a new way to boost your beauty inside and out: io BEAUTY, a synchronized topical and ingestible skincare regimen designed to deliver comprehensive beauty benefits. Developed by renowned beauty expert Sue Devitt and leading nutritionist Tanya Zuckerbrot—top experts in outer and inner beauty, respectively—io BEAUTY launching on QVC, bringing a new dimension to the multi-channel retailer’s renowned range of beauty offerings.


THINK: “Beautrients” to promote inner and outer beauty.

WHAT IT IS: A synchronized topical and ingestible skincare regimen for comprehensive beauty benefits. Women are constantly seeking the latest beauty breakthroughs, from the newest serum to the most innovative ingestible. For the first time, io BEAUTY introduces a truly synergistic regimen comprised of inner and outer beauty technology, creating a comprehensive system to deeply hydrate, diminish fine lines and wrinkles, and foster fresh, radiant, healthy skin. By combining breakthrough, cutting-edge technology, clinical levels of advanced ingredients and powerful antioxidants in a topical/ingestible regimen, io BEAUTY delivers enhanced, boosted results inside and out. The brand’s apply/digest™ technology allows the io BEAUTY regimen to synergistically treat, protect and rejuvenate topically and internally for visible results that can be attributed to the complete regimen. The technology synchronizes the high-performance ingredients found in the topical and ingestible formulas for the ultimate in healthy, younger-looking skin.

Developed by renowned beauty expert Sue Devitt and leading nutritionist Tanya Zuckerbrot—top experts in outer and inner beauty, respectively—io BEAUTY features a first-of-its-kind formula that’s used as both a topical treatment and an ingestible treatment, pioneering a new beauty breakthrough that’s literally good enough to eat. Created through a trade secret extraction process, the unprecedented product is packed with a high-level of beauty nutrients (“beautrients”) handpicked by the experts to deliver maximum anti-aging benefits. Non-sticky and never bitter, the state-of-the-art topical/ingestible formula is the first-ever product to provide powerful protection against the aging process.

Comprised of a Protect/Rejuvenate Beauty Booster, Treatment Concentrate, Moisture Concentrate, and Eye Concentrate, the complete regimen is designed to foster glowing, youthful skin both inside and out. The key component of the regimen, the io Beauty Booster is a blend of biodynamic Wild Australian Blackberry, Goji Berry, Mangosteen, A├žai and Equis AV that is applied topically (combined with the Treatment Concentrate to create a powerful serum) and ingested internally (to deliver the USDA’s daily recommendation of 3,200 ORAC units, the scientific measure of antioxidants). The Beauty Booster works synergistically inside and out in the following ways:

APPLY: Topically, the io Beauty Booster is combined with the io Treatment Concentrate, a blend of clinical anti-aging ingredients including Ridulisse C and Aquatic Collagen, to activate the io Synergy Complex. When applied, the hybrid serum is brought to deep layers of the skin through a Liquid Crystal delivery system to help protect skin from free radical damage and rejuvenate the skin’s appearance.

DIGEST: To experience the inner beauty benefits, drop the food-grade, calorie-free, “beautrient”-enhanced Beauty Booster under your tongue or mix it into water or juice. Just a few drops of the exclusive blend of minerals and antioxidants provide comprehensive protection and revitalizing benefits from the inside out.

WHAT IT COSTS: $32-$75



1. What does I/O stand for?

2. For topical application to the skin, what other IO Beauty product would you mix the booster with?

3. What type of special “delivery system” is used in IO Beauty?

4. What are 2 of the active ingredients?

5. How many ORAC units (the scientific measure of anitoxidants) does the IO Beauty Booster deliver?


  1. What an interesting product question: where are the questions?

  2. Nina Patricia~at the bottom, right under the PinIt button it says "read more". Click that and you should see the Rafflecopter! I can see it :) Let me know.

  3. I can't figure out how to actually answer the questions in the Rafflecopter box. How do I do it?

  4. I can see the questions but can't see where to enter my answers.

  5. UPDATE!!! The Rafflecopter was not loading correctly. I apologize for any inconvenience. Please use the comments section to list your 5 answers. Thank you!

  6. 1. Inner and outer
    2. io Treatment concentrate
    3. apply/digest or topical/ingestible
    4. Goji Berry, Equis AV
    5. 3,200

  7. Hi,

    Here are my answers:

    1. Inside and Out (Inner and outer beauty, topically and internally)

    2. io Treatment Concentrate

    3. apply/digest technology

    4. Wild Australian Blackberry and Goji Berry

    5. 3,200 ORAC units



  8. 1) IO stands for inner/outer
    2) the io treatment concentrate
    3) Liquid Crystal
    4) Goji Berry and Mangosteen
    5)3200 ORAC units

  9. 1. Inside & Out
    3. Apply/Digest™ technologies
    4. Goji Berry & Equis AV
    5. 3,200 ORAC units

    holliister at gmail dot com

  10. 1. inner and outer beauty technology
    2. IO Beauty Protect/Rejuvenate Treatment Concentrate
    3. enhanced, boosted results inside and out. The brand’s apply-digest technology .
    4. Ridulisse C and Aquatic Collagen
    5. the USDA’s daily recommendation of 3,200 ORAC

  11. *inner and outer is IO
    *IO treatment concentrate
    *apply/digest technology
    *Goji Berry, Mangosteen
    *3200 ORAC units

  12. 1. **Inter and outer

    2. **the io Beauty Booster is combined with the io Treatment Concentrate

    3. **Liquid Crystal delivery system

    4. **Ridulisse C and Aquatic Collagen

    5. **3,200 ORAC units

    msmorro [at] charter [dot] net

  13. 1) Inner, Outer

    2) io Treatment Concentrate

    3) apply/digest Liquid Crystal technology

    4) Ridulisse C and Aquatic Collagen

    5) 3,200 ORAC units

    my computer won't let me sign in, this is yukiyama81

  14. 1)Inner, Outer
    2)Rejuvenate Treatment Concentrate
    3)Apply/digest Technology
    4)Ridulisse C and Aquatic Collagen
    5)3200 Orac Units

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  16. 1. Inner, outer
    2. io Treatment Concentrate
    3. Liquid Crystal delivery system
    4. Ridulisse C and Aquatic Collagen
    5. 3,200 Orac Units

    Thanks for the giveaway! My email is

  17. 1. Inside and Out

    2. Treatment Concentrate

    3. topical and ingestible

    4. Acai, Goji Berry

    5. 3,000 ORAC units

  18. **iO Beauty Answers**

    #1: Inside / Out (Inside and Out)
    #2: iO Treatment Concentrate
    #3: Apply / Digest Liquid Crystal delivery system -- (Apply the Topical / Digest the Ingestible
    #4: Equis AV *and* Acai
    #5: The Beauty Booster delivers 3,000 ORAC units in (4 droppers) -- [**Note: This is according to the iO Beauty Website]

    -Email: starseeds88 (at) yahoo . com

  19. Answers

    1. inner and outer
    2. Treatment Concentrate
    3. Apply/Digest™ technologies
    4. Acai, Equis AV
    5. 3,000 ORAC Units (measure of antioxidant potency)

  20. hi there, answers,
    1. inner and outer beauty technology
    2. IO Beauty Protect/Rejuvenate Treatment Concentrate
    3. enhanced, boosted results inside and out. The brand’s apply-digest technology .
    4. Ridulisse C and Aquatic Collagen
    5. 3,200 ORAC units ♥

  21. PrnsessSarah02~I'm in southwestern lower Michigan, across the state from you :)