Monday, February 20, 2012

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Happy President's Day! I'm never really quite sure what we're celebrating on some of these Federal holidays here in the U.S., but it's a day off school for the kids, no mail (boo to that!), and maybe some good online sales. Did everyone have a good weekend? One more weekend until March, which puts us all the closer to Summer!

Who else is excited that Ciaté is coming to Sephora in March? I mentioned it last week in the Adele Grammy Nails post, but I wanted to make mention of it again. Why? Because I'm excited to be able to buy these stateside!

Now if Top Shop would offer this beauty in the U.S., I'd also be excited! I don't have a Top Shop store nearby, and I'm not even sure if it's available in their U.S. stores. While looking through the nail polish on their site, I saw Hidden Treasure, which looks like it might be similar to Chanel's Peridot. I already have Peridot, and I also have the dupe from Jessica Cosmetics (Iridescent Eye), but for some reason I'm still interested in the Top Shop shade. They have many other lovely colors, but again, they're on their U.K. site. Has anyone seen this shade in real life or in the U.S.?

For those of you obsessed with The Hunger Games, here's a site I came across that you might be interested in. It's a Capitol Couture Beauty Guide, and if you scroll down, there's a section about nail polish.

Our small town has a couple of "Claims to Fame", but this latest one has our Mayberry-like town all a buzz! Kate Upton was recently named the Sports Illustrated Cover Model, and she is originally from our city. Her father is the Athletic Director at a nearby school, and her uncle has been our congressman for what seems like forever. Her family founded Whirlpool Corporation, which is still based here. Personally, I thought the cover shot was a bit too revealing, but then again, I'm old! Still kind of cool that she has a local connection though.

Did anyone order Zoya's NYFW polish collections? I ordered the Peter Som Collection and the Bibhu Mohapatra Collection, and they arrived over the weekend. They're still unopened at this point, but I did see a post over the weekend from Gotham Polish showing swatches of the Peter Som Collection. Katherine's description from Zoya is what convinced me to order it sight unseen, but GP's swatches confirmed that I made the right decision. Both of these collections sold out, so I'm happy I picked them up. You can view her post here.

If you'd like to join us for the Sunday Beauty Cafe on the Facebook page, we're talking hair care products today. If you haven't entered my IO Beauty giveaway, there's still time! It's open for entries until midnight tonight. That's it for this week, and I hope everyone has a happy and productive week!


  1. I got the Bibhu Mohapatra set - the Peter Somm colors didn't interest me as much. They should arrive tomorrow (even though FedEx says today...they can't be delivered to my P O Box because the post iffice isn't open!)

  2. Thanks for the shout out, Evvie is such a huge win! I love that Capitol Couture site :)

  3. The Ciate polish is a gorgeous shade. Hope it does show up here. I'm very happy about them coming to Sephora. I didn't even see those Zoya collections. Don't know where I was but I missed them.

  4. That Ciate brand looks interesting--cute bottles! Did you see the last polish on the site, Oil Slick? Could be Peridot dupe-ish.....

    Happy that my Capitol Colours should ship this week from Hot Topic!

    I did get ONE of the NYFW sets, the Mohapatra, very pretty. The boxes are gorgeous all by themselves! Kinda cool to have LE Zoya colors :)

  5. I keep hearing about these Zoya boxes and have no idea where I was when they were available because I never heard a thing about them. Oh well; probably couldn't have afforded them anyway. At least I can drool over everyone's swatches online. :)

  6. That's cool about the Ciate!

    The Top Shop in Chicago carries the make-up range. But I think it's expensive. The polishes were $16! I haven't seen that nail polish there but I haven't been since December. I'll have to take a look next time I take the L to Michigan Ave.


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