Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Lynnderella Lovely Is As Lovely Does Collection: Part I

Lynnderella will soon be offering another beautiful new collection called Lovely Is As Lovely Does. With a theme of love, romance, and true beauty, this glittery collection of ten shades contains both delicate and soft hues, along with some truly eye-catching shades that will make you swoon. I don't have an exact release date on these, but if you follow Lynn's blog (link above) and join Llrowe's mailing list or follow them on Facebook, you can stay informed.

Let's get started with these works of art in a bottle! If you click on the link above for Lovely Is As Lovely Does, you can view a variety of pictures and read the descriptions for each shade in Lynn's own words. Below is Part I, which will be followed later today by Part II. All of my swatches are used over a base color, and I did not use a top coat in the photos. I've included photos of my base color in case you're not familiar with it, and Lynn's official description is posted at the beginning of each shade. She does a much better job of describing the shades and glitter detail than I ever could, so my commentary will be minimal! All shades applied nice and easy, and I didn't manipulate any of the glitter because their placement was fairly uniform.

Mademoiselle Violette de Bleu is a mixture of royal blue, blue violet, navy, holographic royal blue multi-sized hexagons and squares with a touch of purple and iridescent blue hexagons in a sheer blue-violet base. Some people may know this shade as "Throwing Violets into the Ocean".

Lower lighting (below) brings out a touch of violet in the glitter.

All macro shots were taken of the bottle, not on my nails over a base coat.
Matter of the Heart has red, fuschia, pink, silver holographic multi-sized hexagons and squares with scattered holographic holo hearts in a sheer milky pink base with subtle pink shimmer.

Lovey Dovey contains translucent smokey lavender and pale lavender hexagons and squares, with gunmetal squares and scattered pink hexagons in a dove grey base spiked with subtle pink shimmer.

Love, Lace and Lilacs contains translucent and opaque white multi-sized hexagons, threads (bars) and squares in a shimmering clear base.

At first glance, Love, Lace and Lilacs reminded me to some degree of the hauntingly beautiful Snow Angel, so I wanted to show you a quick comparison.
These two shades are somewhat similar, but they're certainly not dupes. Love, Lace and Lilacs is a whiter white, while Snow Angel is a milkier antique white. The glitter configuration is also quite different in each shade.

LavenDear is a blend of lavender multi-sized hexagons and squares with a touch of holographic pink in a sheer pink-violet base with a hint of iridescent blue shimmer.


  1. Thanks for posting these swatches!! They are all gorgeous but my favorite is Matter of the Heart ♥

  2. Such a pretty collection. Can you wear any of them without a base coat?

  3. OMG! Love,Lace,and Lilacs looks exactly like lace on the nail! Amazing!

  4. i like white nail polish,it's fantastic

  5. I've never been glitter crazy but I have to admit these colors look pretty good

  6. These are great, I don't know this brand before :)

  7. I think i need Love, Lace and Lilac and LavenDear :) thanks for the swatches, cant wait for these to be available :)

  8. They look awesome! I *need* them <3

  9. *Sigh* I hate being broke. I would like to own everything Lynn has ever made and will ever make, but it is prohibitively expensive. :( Thank goodness for swaps though!

  10. Thanks for the comparison to Snow Angel. My mind went right to that as I scanned the swatches before reading. Seeing part 1 and part 2 now of this new collection, I like part 2 best. I made my comment over on part 2 and came back to look at this part 1 - I goofed in one comment I made on part 2 - I like Nosegay and Love Choc. best. I don't think I have a fav in part 1 - maybe Love Lace & Lilacs - but I don't like the matte glitter used in it. It leaves too chunky a look - I would prefer to have it all shiny, then use a matte top coat if I want matte anything.