Thursday, January 26, 2012

Pixi Beauty Introduces the PixiGlow Tinker Bell Inspired Collection

I've been excited about Pixi Beauty's Tinker Bell inspired collection for months now, and I received the information below earlier today and wanted to pass it along. The PixiGlow Collection is a Limited Edition Target exclusive that will be available January 29 at Target online, and in all Target stores in March. There's even a nail polish (not pictured)! If you're a Tinker Bell fan, check it out!

It doesn't sound like this collection will be available on the Pixi Beauty web site, but I wanted to mention that if you'd like to receive discounts from Pixi, sign up for their eMail on their site. I often receive up to 30% discounts, and they also offer free shipping at $50.00.

Right on trend, Pixi creator and Target beauty design partner Petra Strand has teamed with The Walt Disney Co. to design the limited-edition PixiGlow collection available exclusively at Target. Inspired by Disney’s most iconic fairy, Tinker Bell, Petra worked closely with Disney character artist John Quinn in a unique collaboration. Together they re-imagined the Tinker Bell of childhood memories into a vintage-inspired beauty who will appeal to women of all ages. Petra shares, “In collaboration with Disney, we created a unique Tinker Bell collection that captures the fresh-faced, glowing, and timeless beauty of both a Disney icon and the Pixi brand by reinforcing that makeup simply enhances and perfects your natural.” Ranging in price from $8.00 to $34.00, the PixiGlow collection will launch on on January 29 and in all Target stores in March.

The PixiGlow Collection offers six color cosmetics, available exclusively at Target:

Catching Shadows Crayon ($18.00) – a waterproof cream-to-powder eye crayon

Fairy Dust ($14.00) – a glimmering loose dust that can be used on skin, eyes or even lips

Fairy Face Palette ($34.00) – A “whole face in a case,” this universally flattering palette includes 5 eye shadows, 3 color blush palette, 5 lip creams and applicators

Magic Tink Tint ($16.00) – a nourishing gel crayon that tints your lips, reacting to your lips’ pH level to deliver a perfectly personalized pink tint

Straight On ‘til Morning Liner ($15.00) – an intense waterproof pencil liner in an enchanting deep green hue and pure peek-a-boo glitter

Pirouette Pink Nail Colour ($8.00) – a bright pink nail lacquer with just a touch of shimmer

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

L'Oreal Colour Riche: Safari Chic, Now You Sea Me & VIP Status

L'Oreal has released their new Colour Riche polishes, which if I count correctly, includes forty-two shades. You can view their color charts here. According to their Facebook page, these shades are "a brand new product launch separate from our Pro Nails collection. It will be available in retailers nation wide. The products available may vary from retailer to retailer. This is a product launch so it is Permanent but it will be updated with more great colors."

I picked up 3 shades, Safari Chic, Now You Sea Me, and VIP Status. I love that these bottles are still square, but they now have a round cap. My OCD tendancies won't go crazy like they do on their older bottles with square caps that always get out of alignment after the first use! I picked mine up at Meijer using some $1.00 off coupons and bogo half off, but they normally retail there for $5.29 each. The bottles look full sized, but because of the way the interior is formed, the product weight is actually only 0.39 fl. oz.

First up is Safari Chic, a creamy olive green shade. This has pale blue hidden micro shimmer, but it's a shame that it doesn't even show up. For all intents and purposes, this is a creme. I used 2 coats on all of my swatches, and the formula was excellent. I've always found L'Oreal's brushes to be a bit on the stiff side, but these seemed a little less rigid.

Now You See Me is another dusty shade, so of course I had to pick this one up too. This light teal has a touch of green, and I had a difficult time photographing it for some reason. Either my skin was bright red, or the polish was a bright sky blue. The photo above with all 3 bottles shows it looking much brighter and bluer than it really is. I finally was able to capture the true color in lower lighting.

VIP Status is a trickster, because it looked like a duo chrome in the store, so of course after my adreneline calmed down from that discovery, I had to have it! I held it up, turned it around, studied it intently...all of this in the store, and the violet and teal were just beautiful. Of course when I got it home, I took it near a window to see its beauty once again, and the duo chrome was no where to be found. It's still a beautiful color, but I think between the store lighting, the plastic label across the bottle front, and the thick glass base and interior curve of the containment portion, all factored in to what I thought I saw. I'm telling you, it was a duo chrome in the store!

Here's what you'll really see if you pick up this polish...unless you put on your 3D Duo Chrome glasses, that is. This is a beautiful blackened teal shimmer with a thinner formula than the 2 creme shades I picked up. It still covered well using two coats, and even though its duo chrome got lost somewhere between Meijer and my house, I do think it's lovely.

I didn't look through my polishes to see if I had any dupes, but I'd be willing to say that I probably do. These aren't incredibly unique colors to me, but they all have a very nice formula, and I've been fond of L'Oreal polishes since I first became obsessed with nail polish decades ago. Have you picked up any of the new Colour Riche shades?

Monday, January 23, 2012

Color Club Magnetic Force: Coming February 2012

Color Club is joining the ranks of polish companies that offer magnetic shades! The photos below are from an ad I spotted in Beauty Store Business Magazine, so pardon the lack of quality from my photograph of the ad. If you'd like to get a better look at these, I see that they're up on Color Club's web site for pre-order. Magnetic Force is the name of the collection, and there are 6 shades. These are priced at $12.00 each, and the magnet is located in the cap.

New Sweetheart Balm From Besame Cosmetics

I love Besame Cosmetics, and I wanted to share this information that just came across in my eMail. These look delicious, don't they?

Adorable packaging aside, Besame Cosmetics NEW Sweetheart Lip Balm is packed with antioxidants to condition and the colors are ripe for spring including Sweet Rose, Cherry, Peach and Tangerine.

The luminous lip moisturizing balm provides an elegant, long lasting finish. The healthy formula deeply moisturizes and conditions, while fortifying with antioxidant vitamins C and E fight free radical damage. It is highly emollient and protective as it drenches the lips with exceptional comfort and hydration in sheer, shiny pops of color.

Also included are beneficial ingredients aloe leaf extract and shea butter, known for soothing, healing and antiseptic properties, and jojoba, a naturally-derived oil that is easily absorbed into skin. Rosa canina extract, a fragrant extract with antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.

$18 at and select retailers nationwide and internationally.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

NCLA Nail Lacquer: Hollywood & Vine Starlet

NCLA recently launched their first nail lacquer collection, adding to their already successful line of adhesive nail wraps. The LA Collection contains a range of seventeen shades, along with a base/top coat combo product. Based in Los Angeles, their debut collection reflects all that LA has to offer. These polishes retail for $16.00, so they are pricey. The formula on the shade I was sent reminds me of the formula of a Rescue Beauty Lounge or a Deborah Lippmann polish, so it does have a superior formula. I don't see too many reviews online yet for this brand, but I would be interested to hear if their creme formula applies as nicely.

The photo above was taken from the NCLA web site, and what I like about their photos is that if you click on them, they enlarge as shown. This allows you to see how opaque the shade is using one coat and two coats because of the way the splatter of polish is displayed. So many times I find that color samples on web sites are not truly reflective of the actual polish color, so I like the way they display their shades.

The shade I received is called Hollywood & Vine Starlet. The product comes in a sturdy matte black box, and the product size is a standard .5 fl. oz.

Described as an ultra rich black with silver glitter, Hollywood & Vine Starlet is also ultra sparkly.

I used 2 coats over a base coat, and I also applied a top coat (Misa TopTopper) in these photos. There are a couple of very slight thinner areas near a cuticle or two, so I think the next time I wear this shade I'll just use a layer over an opaque black one coater. The glitter is very evenly dispersed, and it dired a bit quicker than average. This shade is sort of an off-black to my eyes--definitely black, but a softer black.

Below is a quick look at all of the shades in this collection, and you can view them more accurately on their site at the link above.

The packaging is nice, the rectangular bottle is heavy and substantial, and I didn't have any problems with the brush. Based on their color chart, they seem to have a very good variety of colors and finishes. They've also come up with some fantastic names, like Pick Me Up At Melrose Place, Rodeo Drive Royalty, and Santa Monica Shore Thing. Take a look here at Hollywood Hills Hot Number if you like sparkle, and be sure to enlarge/click it!

NCLA nail lacquers are 100% free of DBP, Toluene, Formaldehyde, Camphor and never tested on animals. Free shipping is offered on orders over $50.00.

*Product featured was furnished for consideration.

Friday, January 20, 2012

Misa Spring 2012 Collection: Precious Moments

I just received Misa's Spring 2012 collection details, and this collection is scheduled for a January 27 release! Click photo to enlarge.

Enjoy Life’s Greatest Pleasures With Misa Cosmetics Precious Moments Collection

January 2012 – Philadelphia, PA. Springtime: the season when new romances blossom, Mother Nature renews its bounty, and the cycle once again starts anew. What better time to celebrate the best that life has to offer with the collection of baby-soft pastel polishes in Misa Cosmetics’ latest collection, Precious Moments? These six tender muted shades, perfectly aligned with spring 2012’s biggest nail trends—neutrals and creams—will ensure that nails keep up with the times while paying homage to the experiences that remain in our memories forever.

Spring 2012: Precious Moments

Someone Like You: You know when you’ve found your perfect match—both in the romance department and when you nab the perfect polish. Envelop nails in a shade you’ll love forever, a soft beige-pink that’ll whisper your name and guarantee neutral manis and pedis that will always be in perfect harmony.

Deep Breath: Take a moment to meditate on this dreamy periwinkle, and you might find yourself momentarily breathless! A pulse-quickening combination of softness and unconventionality, this shade provides a hint of subtle grey color while enrobing nails in an ever-so-slightly unexpected hue.

Sweet Thing: The sweetest things in life may be free, but this gentle color will help you attain every last one of them. Lavender, revered for its calming and soothing properties, now translates to nails for manicures and pedicures that won’t compete with spring’s fashions—without venturing into wallflower territory.

Bed of Roses: The sun is shining, the birds are chirping and nature’s greenery returns in full force—let’s face it, springtime calls for a rosy outlook. Answer that demand on nails with this rosy bright pink shade, a universally flattering hue that’ll force anyone to look at life through rose-colored glasses.

Little Hands: Celebrate the birth of new life by making sure that nails are kept looking their freshest throughout the season. This pastel mint green is ideal for any lacquer lover, from the tiniest fingers and toes to women looking for a hint of unpredictable glamour to complement their spring wardrobe.

Pinky Promise: Do you solemnly swear to maintain perfectly polished nails all season long? Then grab this ballet-slipper pink, a neutral that will bring out the natural beauty of nails with a swath of sheer perfection. Keep your promises—and attain all of your dreams—with this creamy romantic hue!

About Misa CosmeticsMisa offers more than 164 nail lacquers that provide the richest and most intense coverage possible in nail color. An exceptionally high concentration of pigment, as well as mica, in a professional-grade formulation ensures that Misa colors last and last without chipping, wearing or fading. And unlike many polishes that can thicken with age, Misa nail lacquers stay perfectly mixed for a smooth, streak-free and even finish—even years after first use.

Misa Cosmetics’ TechnologyMisa continues to upgrade products, including the use of revolutionary nanotechnology. This nanotechnology helps Misa develop polishes that are smoother, resulting in a surface that allows light to reflect evenly. Nail polish performance is enhanced through ease of application and removal, high gloss, higher abrasion resistance and better stability. Better adhesion allows for longer-lasting results.

Safety is also a prime objective; therefore, Misa no longer uses DBP, toluene or formaldehyde chemicals in any of its nail lacquers. A unique 230-strand polish brush fits in the hand—just right for a steady polishing job—while the elegant and sturdy base ensures the bottle won’t tip. Discriminating nail professionals and colorful people everywhere have requested Misa since 1996. Beyond seasonal collections, Misa
offers an impressive array of frosts, sheers, French manicure and nail art colors for year-round indulgence.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Lynnderella Lovely Is As Lovely Does Collection: Part II

Today I have a look at part II of Lynderella's upcoming collection, Lovely Is As Lovely Does. If you missed part I, you can click here to view it. As I did with part I, I'll be keeping my commentary minimal, because I've included Lynn's expert description with each shade. I used a top coat (Misa TOPtopper) over each of these, and the only shade I felt needed some glitter taming was Sweets to the Sweet, so Glitter Tamer was applied over it. Again, as with the first 5 shades, nice and easy application, good glitter placement without manipulation, and gorgeous, unique, creative colors, as always.

ChocoLotta Love is a blend of brown multi-sized hexagons and squares, black microglitter, as well as scattered yellow, red, purple, turquoise, lime and emerald "candies" in a sheer chocolate base. Like brownies with M+Ms baked in.

Macro shots are all taken of the bottle, not of my nails with a base color underneath.
Boy-Girl Party is a mixture of red, fuschia, pink, blue, turquoise and royal multi-sized hexagons, squares and diamonds in a transparent pink base. This really surprised me since the combination created an unexpected.

Nosegay (defined as a small bunch of flowers, bouquet or posy) is made with lavender and purple multi-sized hexagons and squares, with blue-violet shimmer in a translucent pale violet base.

Forget You Not is made with multi-sized periwinkle hexagons, pink sparks, blue sparks and cornflower-pink shimmer in a sheer blue base.

Sweets to the Sweet contains translucent white multi-sized hexagons and squares, with scattered yellow, red, purple, turquoise, lime and emerald squares and hexagons in a shimmering translucent white sparkling base. There are also small iridescent green hexagons to sweeten the mix.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Lynnderella Lovely Is As Lovely Does Collection: Part I

Lynnderella will soon be offering another beautiful new collection called Lovely Is As Lovely Does. With a theme of love, romance, and true beauty, this glittery collection of ten shades contains both delicate and soft hues, along with some truly eye-catching shades that will make you swoon. I don't have an exact release date on these, but if you follow Lynn's blog (link above) and join Llrowe's mailing list or follow them on Facebook, you can stay informed.

Let's get started with these works of art in a bottle! If you click on the link above for Lovely Is As Lovely Does, you can view a variety of pictures and read the descriptions for each shade in Lynn's own words. Below is Part I, which will be followed later today by Part II. All of my swatches are used over a base color, and I did not use a top coat in the photos. I've included photos of my base color in case you're not familiar with it, and Lynn's official description is posted at the beginning of each shade. She does a much better job of describing the shades and glitter detail than I ever could, so my commentary will be minimal! All shades applied nice and easy, and I didn't manipulate any of the glitter because their placement was fairly uniform.

Mademoiselle Violette de Bleu is a mixture of royal blue, blue violet, navy, holographic royal blue multi-sized hexagons and squares with a touch of purple and iridescent blue hexagons in a sheer blue-violet base. Some people may know this shade as "Throwing Violets into the Ocean".

Lower lighting (below) brings out a touch of violet in the glitter.

All macro shots were taken of the bottle, not on my nails over a base coat.
Matter of the Heart has red, fuschia, pink, silver holographic multi-sized hexagons and squares with scattered holographic holo hearts in a sheer milky pink base with subtle pink shimmer.

Lovey Dovey contains translucent smokey lavender and pale lavender hexagons and squares, with gunmetal squares and scattered pink hexagons in a dove grey base spiked with subtle pink shimmer.

Love, Lace and Lilacs contains translucent and opaque white multi-sized hexagons, threads (bars) and squares in a shimmering clear base.

At first glance, Love, Lace and Lilacs reminded me to some degree of the hauntingly beautiful Snow Angel, so I wanted to show you a quick comparison.
These two shades are somewhat similar, but they're certainly not dupes. Love, Lace and Lilacs is a whiter white, while Snow Angel is a milkier antique white. The glitter configuration is also quite different in each shade.

LavenDear is a blend of lavender multi-sized hexagons and squares with a touch of holographic pink in a sheer pink-violet base with a hint of iridescent blue shimmer.