Friday, December 23, 2011

Orly Spring 2012 - Cool Romance Collection

You’re Blushing - Muted Lilac Crème
Prelude to a Kiss - Pastel Pink Crème
Jealous, Much? - Pastel Mint
Faint of Heart - Soft Grey Crème
Steel Your Heart - Charcoal Shimmer
Artificial Sweetener - Dusty Rose Shimmer

Coming January 2012


  1. Yep. Going to need all of these. :)

  2. These look beautiful. Can't wait for these!

  3. Looks like spring is going to be cheap for me Orly-wise. I am not into pastels at all.
    Merry Christmas. :)

  4. @Rainbowify - There are going to be a lot of pale polish shades this spring from all the lines. I can see a few of these added on to my collection maybe - I would see myself using them with toppers from EssieLux and CND Effects - some Nfu Oh flakes along with them. I can do pastels if they have some dusky/dirtyness to them - but only some shades. I did not do well at all with any of the Pirates from OPI last spring despite many were dusty.

  5. Looking forward to spring collections this year. I hope to see something new and fresh from my favorite brands. This Orly Collection looks lovely. Might need a few!

  6. meh... I'm with rainbowify. pastels are not my thing, even if they are dusky. the only light polish I wear are holos. if these are on trend, my wallet will be very happy as I've probably already blown next years' polish budget.

  7. Still loving the pastel mints. May be needing all of these.

  8. can't wait for this collection!!! they all look so pretty!