Saturday, December 31, 2011

Jessica Cosmetics Peacock Queen Swatches & Chanel Fall 2011 Comparisons

When I initially saw the promo picture for the Jessica Cosmetics Peacock Queen Collection, I'm sure I wasn't alone in thinking that the shades looks extremely similar to Chanel's Fall Illusions d’Ombres de Chanel Collection. The good news is that if you held off on the Chanel collection, you can purchase the Jessica collection in its entirety for less than you would pay for just one of the Chanel shades. The Jessica collection is indeed identical to the Chanel collection, for all intents and purposes.

Color-wise, there really is not a noticeable difference, as you can see on the nail wheel above. Formula-wise, both brands have a nice formula that allow for an easy application. The Jessica polishes have a bit more opacity after one coat, and the sparkle and micro glitter is somewhat more intense in Jessica's Smoky Feather than in Chanel's Graphite. When I study these colors very closely, I see that all 3 of the Jessica shades are ever so slightly darker than the Chanel shades, but I honestly don't think the average person would notice this difference at all. The Jessica polishes retail for $7.50 each, while the Chanel polishes retail for $25.00 each. Below are swatches of the Jessica collection using 2 coats.

Bronze Tailed is a beige/taupe neutral shade with multi colored shimmer. This is my least favorite of the three, just as Chanel Quartz was my least favorite of their collection. The shimmer is primarily silver, but it tends to take on a slight silvery/aqua shade in lower lighting.

Smoky Feather, a medium silver grey pewter hue, is filled with multi colored micro glitter that sparkles and glistens beautifully against the base color. The gold glitter seems to be the most prominent, and like Chanel Graphite, this shade can flash a bit of olive green in lower lighting.

Iridescent Eye is a gold to olive duo chrome that also exhibits shades of a brighter green, antique gold, copper, and bronze, depending on the lighting. Like Peridot, this shade seems to show more gold than green.

If you love the shades in the Chanel collection but didn't want to pay the price, this collection is an excellent alternative, albeit certainly not an original collection. Chanel is Chanel, and personally, I do like to splurge on some Chanel cosmetics because I do love them and I can't afford their clothing and accessories! Some may say they're not worth the price, but I say they're worth what they're worth to you, not to someone else. I am also very fond of Jessica's formula, and even though it's not a brand that seems to get a lot of attention for some reason, they have an excellent formula that I highly recommend.

The Jessica Cosmetics Peacock Queen Collection is available on their web site.


  1. Neat! Dupes always make my wallet happy!

  2. I did cave and buy Chanel's Peridot. Wish I had waited. Oh well! I'm not interested in the rest. I have so many polishes that are on the order of the Graphite. I'm getting rid of my plastic 6 drawer containers. My polish is getting very dusty inside the two of them. I've bought more Snap-It containers. Luckily the Christmas containers are on sale. I bought 6 of them. Now I'm busy dusting everything off! I realise how many Graphite-like polishes I had just in 6 drawers. So many polishes I wish I hadn't bought. I get so mad when I've bought dupes or near dupes.

  3. Wow, definitely dupes; wish I had waited. Great post!

  4. AMAZING!!! :)

  5. AWESOME! I have Peridot but not the others, although I would totally have gotten a back-up of Peridot if not for the price. So basically I need all of these!!!

  6. OMG thank you! I did get Peridot but have been lemming Graphite! I don't mind spending a bit for polishes but this time I'm going for the cheaper dupes (and picking up the Peridot dupe as well as a backup lol).

    YOU ROCK! Happy new year :)

  7. I've been waiting for swatches of the Chanel dupe, thanks so much!:)

  8. great comparison and swatches! thanks and happy new year!

  9. This is awesome! I'm so glad that I've resisted thus far! Now time to make a purchase from Jessica...


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