Monday, December 5, 2011

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There are less than three weeks left before's everyone doing with their shopping? I need to really step it up this week and get things finished so I can enjoy some of the festivities without worrying about shopping and wrapping! Reports are surfacing that nail polish sales are up 59% in the first 10 months of 2012, which is an impressive figure. I imagine that figure will increase once the holiday sales are calculated in. Do you feel that you've acquired more nail polish this year when compared to previous years?

Always a sucker for packaging, I fell in love with the looks of this polish. These are not available in the U.S. I don't believe, but I found them online at Debenhams. The brand in called Filthy Gorgeous, and I think the lace print cap and attached guitar pick both add a very unique look to the design of the product. It looks like they also offer a magnetic polish line, which is something I've yet to try. However, rumor has it that one of our favorite polish lines will be introducing their own magnetic line, so if that rumor holds true, I think we'll all be very excited!

Eva Chen, beauty editor at Teen Vogue, recently posted this photo on her Twitter feed. I absolutely love Revlon's Lip Butters, and L'Oreal recently released these pretties, which seem to be a similar product. They're called Balm, and while I can't tell too much from the photo, I'm keeping my fingers crossed that the third one over from the left in the top row is a possible Clinique Black Honey dupe. Nouveau Cheap has some readers who have spotted this offering already, and you can read more about them in her post here. She is hoping to have more shades to share soon.

That's it for now, and I'm wishing everyone a happy and productive week...especially if you are still trying to finish up your Holiday shopping!


  1. I don't have too many to buy for so I'm almost done. Those are some adorable polishes. I think I have bought more drugstore polish than any other year. It's getting ridiculous. Love those lipsticks. Why do I keep wanting more? I was just looking through all my makeup & I have tons of it. I still keep ordering more. It makes me feel sick.

  2. It's interesting to hear polish sales are up so much. I didn't start collecting this year. I feel like I've purchased a village's share of polish. And I know a lot of people who have acquired so much more. Now these people tend to congregate in internet forums that I've been frequenting so maybe my perception is skewed? But it feels like a fraction of the population has been buying 590% more lol!

  3. Lucy~every year I say I'm going to cut back on buying, but it hasn't happened yet! I don't know what's wrong with us...we certainly have enough make up and nail polish, yet we always want more :)

    purplegreenpanda~I'm sure that those of us on blogs and internet forums make up a big part of that 59%! But I think one of the reasons that sales are up overall, is that many people are choosing to do their own nails in this rough economy, so they're out buying more than than they previously were. And with all of the celebrity nail polish collections, consumers are drawn to those also.


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