Tuesday, November 29, 2011

New L'Oreal Colour Riche Nail Color Collections

L'Oreal just shared these collection photos (click to enlarge detail) on their Facebook page, stating that this is "a brand new product launch separate from our Pro Nails collection. It will be available in retailers nation wide. The products available may vary from retailer to retailer. This is a product launch so it is Permanent but it will be updated with more great colors." It seems to me that I've seen a couple of these shades out already--Stroke of Midnight is currently in a little four-piece Holiday collection at my Walgreens. I definitely see some shades I'll want to pick up, including Tweet Me, VIP Status, and Safari Chic, shown in the first two collections below. I also like the fact that these have round caps, because their square ones always get out of alignment, which makes me crazy!

*Photos from the L'Oreal Facebook page.


  1. I'll be interested to see these when/if they are in my local stores. I've never been too impressed with the regular selection of color in the L'oreal nail line, but those swatches look interesting. Especially VIP Status, Safari Chic, and Versailles Romance. Is Tweet Me a gold or a yellow do you think?

  2. Wow! They are bringing back their regular line!!
    Caught Red Handed is my favorite red shimmer, absolutely fabulous!!

  3. I would love to see swatches very soon. It seems like more brands are stepping up in releasing very good nail polish collections.

  4. I'm already making a list! The colors look really nice, and I like the cute names.

  5. I never buy L'Oreal. My girlfriend did pick up a couple of them a few weeks ago. She spotted the sign for a new collection. I had no idea what the shades were. Guess I'll have to look for these.

  6. Oh I love this collection, hopefully it would not take forever to get to me.
    BTW, i got my Strawberry Lemonade SCRUB!!! I love it! Thank you again for the fabulous giveaway

  7. I picked up Wishful Pinking, Breaking Curfew, and Because You're Worth It from my local Walgreens before Thanksgiving.

    The colors may not seem innovative to some of you with a huge collection, but I am a nail polish noob, so I really like them.

    I recently found your blog when I searched for info. about Revlon lip butters, BTW. I love it. Please keep up the excellent work!

  8. I just picked up VIP Status and Now you Sea Me from CVS, and they are both stunners. I think I may go back for Tweet Me, and maybe one of the reds.


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