Monday, October 24, 2011

Yay! A MAC Collection I'm Finally Excited About!

Fashionista has a great look at an upcoming MAC Cosmetics Collection that I'm really looking forward to! I haven't been too excited with their offerings as a whole lately...but the Gareth Pugh for MAC has me feeling as giddy as their Barbie Collection and their Venomous Villains Collection did.

This mention about the nail polish is what first caught my eye: But can we discuss the nail lacquers for a second? Gareth wore them layered and it had this amazing beetle-like finish with an iridescent sheen. The three lacquers are Inert (creamy mid-tone grey/nude), Ascension (grey with blue violet reflective pearl), and Hyper (deep blue with violet pearl).

After looking at all of the photos, I think I may just love everything about this collection! The lip glasses look gorgeous, and the packaging is very interesting. Swatches will be the deciding factor, but it does look promising. This collection will be available beginning November 23. Click here to view Fashionista's post, and be sure to scroll all the way down to look at the polishes.


  1. Hey! They're using the Estee Lauder nail polish bottles, just with a different cap! Which makes sense since they're owned by the same company. But the polishes look amazing! Hopefully they live up the the PR image!

  2. I saw that there were some new polishes. I haven't really checked out a new MAC collection in awhile. This may be dangerous.

  3. Wow, the polishes look amazing and the bottles look cool, too. Very exciting, this is the first I've heard of this collaboration (although I don't follow MAC really and who can keep up with their weekly releases anyway!).

  4. I am intrigued about those polishes. Usually MAC polishes are a flop, but those look awesome! Not too enthused about the price... I'll have to see swatches first!

  5. On polishes: bottles are really awesome, but I'll be waiting for swatches before lemming them!

  6. I have had such bad luck getting MAC polish to stay even 4 hours on me without chipping, not sure I would ever try them again. I do have good luck with EL polish - and in past 2 yrs their colors are more 'stimulating.'


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