Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Workshop760 Nail Polish Jewelry

Workshop760 is an Etsy store owned by Cara, a glass artist who has been crafting her jewelry for almost 20 years, and working with glass and beads for 10 years. She has also become a nail polish fan over the last 5 years, so as she says, "It's been a natural progression for me to try and make jewelry with the polishes I love so much."

I've seen several nail polish jewelry pieces on line, but when Cara asked if I'd like to review some of hers, I was excited to see this type of jewelry up close. Here's a look at what she sent, then I'll talk more about my thoughts and the reactions I got from other people.

Cara sent over three necklaces, all prettily packaged and labeled with the polish brand and shades she used for each one. In addition to making the pendants, she also hand makes their beaded necklaces.

This one below was made using Zoya Charla for the color, and it has a gold cross encased within. The pendant measures about 1.25" long, and it has slightly beveled edges with a 3/8" depth. The necklace is a simple black beaded strand with a silver toggle closure, and it's 18" in length. Charla reflects and glows, and it contrasts nicely as a background for the gold cross.

The toggle closure is heavy and well made, and I think the twist detail around the ring and the toggle bar adds an elegant touch to it.

I can now say that I own Clarins 230...well, at least in some form! This round pendant measures just shy of 1.5" in diameter and is 1/4" deep. This piece hangs on a 16" hand beaded black necklace with a black lobster claw clasp and 2" of silver looped chain to adjust the length. This changes into so many colors depending on your lighting, that it matches almost anything I wear it with!

The only flaw I noticed in these pieces was that on this particular one, the tiny eye pin or screw eye that's at the top of the pendant where the necklace threads through, is noticeable inside of the piece itself. I don't see that issue on the other two at all, and with everything else going on color-wise with this polish shade, it definitely isn't the first thing this you see.

The final piece Cara sent is probably my favorite, although I'm very fond of all of them. This pendant is a combination of Ozotic #528, Sally Hansen HD Spectrum, and Zoya Charla. The piece itself measures 1 3/8" long, with slight beveled edges that gracefully round to form a domed face. The thickness measures 3/8".

The chain is hand beaded with silver beads, and I think the silver really sets this piece off. This one also has a lobster claw clasp with additional silver loops to lengthen or shorten where it falls. The chain itself is 18" in length.

All of these pieces are very well made, and I think Cara's hand beaded necklaces are an added element that complement the pendants nicely. Her method is to actually encase the polish inside of the resin, rather than to simply paint the polish over the back of the piece. These are gorgeous necklaces that are of excellent quality, and I have received many compliments on all of them. Perfect strangers have asked about them, my friends and acquaintances are awed by them, and my husband--who never pays attention to anything like this, is intrigued by their beauty and still trying to figure out exactly how they're made! They're heavy and substantial in weight--in a good way, and they're strong in their composition, yet wear delicately and beautifully.

If you visit her Etsy shop at the link above, you can see more of her work and her artistic ability in the designs. I am totally captivated with these gorgeous pieces, and impressed with the quality of the materials used. I can tell that Cara puts a lot of thought and dedication into her craft, and I would love to see her expand her line to include other types of jewelry in addition to her necklaces.

*Products featured were furnished by Workshop760 for review.


  1. These are really pretty. I will have a look at her shop. Now if you could only pour the Clarins 230 into a bottle for me it would be wonderful!

  2. so beautiful! i agree that the silver chain really sets off the 3rd piece. just beautiful!!

  3. I also have some pieces by Cara and I always get compliments when I wear them. She does lovely work. And I also LOVE the beaded necklaces.

  4. So very pretty! I bet you do look stunning with them!

    Heh I have a bottle of Clarins 230. Don't ask me what it cost :X

    I have a piece of nailpolish jewelry from another seller--I think it is so neat and what a creative way for us to display our passion :)