Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Revlon Devil's Candy from the Masquerade Collection

I originally picked up Midnight Haze, Phantom Angel, and the popular Royal Cloak from Revlon's Fall Masquerade Collection (here), but something made me pick up Devil's Candy also, a week or so later. Color-wise, this is just a red creme, but it's a jelly finish with an excellent formula. I used two coats, and it applied smooth as butter. Cute name, jelly finish, perfect formula.


  1. your nails look gorgeous in that shade! loving the color

  2. Wow. With every post I see about Revlon my love for their nail polish grows =)

  3. I am a sucker for a great shinny red! I had not owned any Revlon for eons until this past summer and everyone on blogs was talking about the scented fine particle glitter toppers. I seem to put Pina Colada now on a ton of things - just a tish of sparkle without it adding a rough finish to the polish job. I really did not seek out Revlon for years I guess because that and Maybelline was all there was pretty much when I was in HS>

  4. I just picked up Royal Cloak at the drugstore Saturday. Missed this one. Looks fantastic as reds always do.


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