Monday, September 19, 2011

Maybelline Scene on the Runway: Cool Couture, Be Scene in Green, Purple Trend

Maybelline's Fall 2011 Limited Edition Scene on the Runway Express Finish Collection contains six shades, three of which I picked up. You can view the display and all six shades here at Nouveau Cheap.

Be Scene in Green is a medium turquoise green shade with gold shimmer. The shimmer seems to float to the top and cast a thin veil of gold over the base color. This applied nicely in two coats.

Cool Couture is my favorite shade from this collection, no surprise there! This grey creme shade with bright aqua hidden shimmer is so beautiful, and I absolutely adore it. This shade leans more grey/blue in certain lighting, and more grey at other times. This has an interesting formula in that the first coat shows a lot of bald areas and it's streaky, leading you to believe that the color isn't going to look as good on the nail as it does in the bottle. Surprisingly, a second coat performs miraculously, and all is well!

Purple Trend is one that I'm undecided about. This brown hued purple leans more brown against my skin tone than purple, and the bright blue hidden shimmer isn't as evident in this shade as it is in Cool Couture. I'm going to shake this one extra hard the next time I use it to see if I can get more shimmer to appear. The shimmer is more obvious in other photos that I've seen of this shade, and I want mine to look like that!

All in all, I am very happy with these shades, even though I may like Purple Trend better in the bottle than on my nails! All three shades that I picked up had good formulas that applied well using two coats. Who else thinks Cool Couture is the star of this collection?


  1. I agree with you about Cool Couture. Love the shimmer in it also. Purple Trend does look very brown. I think I may just buy Cool Couture. Be Seen In Green looks like a few others that I have.

  2. The first one is a wonder!
    I love it!!
    The grey is nice and i'm not a big fan of this brown ^^"

  3. I looooove Cool Couture. I want it so bad, but I can't seem to find it anywhere! *pout* Hopefully, I'll find it sooner or later. :-)

  4. Oh, that has to be one of the most beautiful browns I've ever seen! *___*

  5. I feel for Cool Couture the same way you feel for Purple Trend... Maybe my bottle just sucked but it was lacking in shimmer and didn't impress me on my nails. I am jealous of how yours looks!

  6. I only got 2 colors from this collection, Cool Couture and Purple Trend. Cool Couture is easily my favorite too - the beautiful shimmer is really gorgeous. I was really disappointed in Purple Trend though. The gorgeous blue shimmer in the bottle didn't show up on the nail.

  7. The first one is divine. A little bit surprised that they launched it as a fall colour though