Sunday, September 18, 2011

L'Oreal Color of Hope 2011

Since 1997, L'Oreal has been committed to the fight against ovarian cancer, and has raised more than $19 million for the cause. Each year, they release a Limited Edition Color of Hope Collection to help raise awareness and funding for the Ovarian Cancer Research Fund. $1.00 from each and every item sold from this collection goes to the OCRF. You can view all of products in the collection at the above link, and here's a look at the the items I picked up.

There are two palettes available, and I selected Sentimental Splendor. There are a total of four polish shades, and I picked up two of them, Whimsical and Valiant. The collection also offers two lip sticks and a lip gloss.

Whimsical is a subtle sandy pink shade, filled with tiny not-so-subtle matching foil glitter, giving it a somewhat metallic finish. This is a nice neutral shade that's dressed up with the sparkly glitter. The formula was very good, and I used two coats.

Valiant is a medium grey shade that also has matching tiny glitter, but it's a bit less sparkly than Whimsical. The formula on this was excellent, and required just one coat.

I picked up the Sentimental Splendor palette because I was drawn to the shades...primarily the green one, because it's a duo chrome. It looks like a deep green in the palette, but it flashes from a reddish brown to green, and it's far more obvious than I was able to capture in my photos. These shades aren't too pigmented dry, so I've been applying them with a spritz of Reviva Labs Rosewater Facial Spray on my brush first, for a deeper color. All of them except the green shade seem a bit chalky dry, so the wet method seems to work best for me.

I always like to support a good cause, and when there's nail polish and make up involved, all the better! Each year I always see some shades of products that I like from this collection, and I'm planning on using some of that green eye shadow shade to mix into a nail polish. Did you pick anything up from this collection?


  1. All the colours are very pretty. I love the light pink polish, I always have trouble finding ones that aren't super sheer. I will have to keep an eye out for this collection!

  2. surprisingly, I really love the pink polish! I'll have to keep my eyes open for this collection

  3. A really great collection and a good cause.
    but I'm not a big fan of Loreal, since they test on animals )=

  4. Whimsical looks so nice, I like it

  5. Very pretty, too bad about the lack of pigmentation!

  6. Whimsical is really pretty. The palette is nice looking also. Nice to know that the shadows apply better wet.