Saturday, August 13, 2011

Misa Hip To My Jive Fall 2011 Swatches

When I saw the Misa Hip To My Jive Promo pictures, I thought that the color selections didn't look like a typical Fall collection. Now that I've had a chance to see them in person, they still don't look Fall-like overall, but seasonal type-casting aside, it's a beautiful collection. While they aren't your usual darker Fall shades, I wouldn't feel "out of season" wearing any one of these during the upcoming months, so it's a versatile range. All photos were taken outdoors under mostly cloudy skies. Apologies in advance for any reflection, because the mix of sun and clouds were not helping me today at all. I used two coats on all of them, but you could get away with just one coat on many of them. The first three shades are cremes with hidden shimmer, and the final three are straight cremes.

Pop the Clutch-described as a rosy brown hue with a hint of iridescence, this shade has a muted peach look to me. The hidden shimmer is a pale iridescent tone that shifts from pink to violet, depending on the lighting. This is a nice neutral shade, and the delicate shimmer adds a little something extra.

Peachy Keen-is described as a champagne-hued taupe. I had to double check the label with the promo release sheet, because with the word "Peachy", I thought it might have been mislabeled with the shade above! I would describe this also as a chamois or buff color, and the hidden shimmer is iridescent pearl in color.

Bop Til You Drop-described as a shimmering orangey coral, this is probably one of my favorites from this collection. I adore all shades of coral, and the hidden shimmer is bright pink and I'm certain it flashed some gold as well. To me, this is a perfect coral, because it doesn't lean too far toward the orange spectrum, and the hidden iridescent shimmer gives it a nice touch. This is the type of shade that I like to wear every now and again in the dead of winter to life my spirits. The shimmer in all three of these shades is subtle, but I couldn't get this particular one to show up much at all in a photograph.

Got it Made in the Shade-this is described as a unique olive green. This is another one of my favorites, and I would describe it as heaven on a nail. I love, love, love these dusty olive tones, and this one is gorgeous. This faded pistachio shade is a creme, and it is perfection.

Go for Pinks-described as a muted but statement-making matte rose, this medium pink creme has a hint of lilac to it. I'm not sure what the "matte" refers to, but it's not the finish, which is high gloss.

Catch a Flick-is described as a cool mint green. There's still plenty of blue in this shade, and when I first saw it, I thought it was a dupe for New Bohemian from Color Club's Fall Collection. When holding them side by side however, Catch a Flick has more green in it.

I'm going to spend some time next week doing some comparisons with these shades, because many of them seem similar to other polishes. I did some quick bottle comparisons, and I did see similarities, but not dead-on dupes. The formula on all of these was excellent, so even if I find any color dupes, I doubt they would have as good of a formula.

Misa's formula is on the thick side, but it's a completely workable "thick". These all gave nearly opaque coverage after the first coat, and had I used a bit more polish on the brush than I normally do, I'm certain I could get away with using just one coat on most of them.

Even though these shades deviate from what we think of when we envision Fall collection colors, I am not disappointed in this collection at all. If you have any comparisons you'd like to see, let me know and I'll try to do some looks if I have the colors in question. What do you think about Hip To My Jive? Any favorites? These will be available on Misa's site on August 15, and they are already available at some of our favorite eTailers.

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  1. How does Got it made In the Shade compare to OPI Stranger Tides and Essie Da Bush?

  2. Love Catch A Flick! For some reason I just can't get enough of mint greens. Thanks for sharing!

  3. I like all of these except for Peachy Keen, I just don't think it would look very nice on my skin. Your swatches look great and I do love Pop the Clutch. :)

  4. I am head over heals for peachy keen!! Love love it!!

  5. I did comparisons with the opi pirates polishes and there is a little difference between the opi's and misa's but the misa formula is better.

  6. I agree - I think there are dupes out there for almost all of these - several from the POTC _OPI collection are hitting my mind. I know I have some Essies that are like Bop and Pop The Clutch. Peachy...I am kind of thinking of the more yellow based nude that was in the trio collection that came out this summer from Zoya maybe...except Misa has shimmer and the Zoya does not. Those were just passing first thoughts on where to start to look. I don't have anywhere that sells Misa so I have never tried them. With Crystal's comment that she likes Misa formula better than OPI - now I gotta have a few to see what I think. I guess I was thinking Misa was a lower grade polish and would be more watery and not cover well.

  7. Do you happen to have Essie Da Bush? I'm wndering how much it is different from Got it Made in the shade...