Sunday, August 28, 2011

Color Club Back To Boho Fall 2011: Part II

I've got the second half of Color Club's Back To Boho Fall 2011 Collection for you today! You can click here to see the first half. Like the first half, there are a couple of shades that I may have dupes for, but there are some that are pretty unique. Formula-wise, this half is also excellent, with the exception of Boho Mojo. That particular one just has some bad mojo, I think! All of these photos were taken outdoors (some were taken indoors and in the shade, and are noted as such), and I used 2 coats with the exception of Boho Mojo, which is shown using 3 coats.

I'm going to start with my favorite "if I could only choose one from this collection" shade, Nouveau Vintage. Shimmer, sparkle, a little duo chrome action, earthy tones, metal tones...everything I love. The perfect understated vintage frosty gold is the official description, but don't let the word "frosty" frighten you away from this gem. An interesting note about the colors in this shade--when I removed it, the bronze color was surrounded by a distinctive burgundy creme ring on the cotton ball. I do see some burgundy in this shade, especially on the first coat, but the way the colors separate on the cotton was unusual.

The photo above in full sun shows a brassy bronze shade, and if you click on it to enlarge, you'll be smitten with the multi colored micro glitter. Below in the shade, the shimmer and glitter is enhanced and the olive green tones come out. You can see a the slight burgundy/brown duo chrome vying for attention as well.

Indoors with no flash shows a lighter bronze shade with less definition on the colored shimmer/glitter.

Macro shot of the finish outdoors.

Voodoo You Do is another gorgeous shade that I'm quite fond of. This perfect charcoal grey for the season with blue undertones is a sort of subtler version of what I think of when I envision a blackened teal. This is a shimmer with metallic tendencies and very little streaking that's often found in this type of finish.

Here's a look at it in the shade.

In the macro shot, you can see that it also has multi colored micro glitter.

Nomadic Nude is a must have neutral for the season; off-white and creamy. Never one to reach for a nude/neutral color very often, I do believe Nomadic Nude and Earthy Angel, also from this collection, are among my new favorites. In addition to thinking that they work better with my skin tone than other colors in this category, their high pigmentation and ease of application have won me over. This is a creme shade that could be described many ways...buff, chamois, and putty all come to mind. There may be something similar out there, especially with so many collections offering these work-safe colors lately, but I don't recall any of them having such a creamy, smooth application.

Blue-Topia will put you in a Utopia state of mind if you love dark blue jelly polishes. Just as it sounds, the perfect shade of deep blue is a good description from Color Club. This is a deep navy blue that darkens up considerably with a second coat. Again, a perfect formula.

Artsy Crafty, a medium forest green creme is described as the ultimate muted military green. It is a touch muted, which makes me appreciate it all the more. And how can I not like it with such a cute name?

Oh Boho Mojo, I tried to make you work, but I give up! I mentioned that I had swatched this collection once before, but I wasn't able to retrieve the photos from my dying-now-dead computer, so I re-swatched them again recently. This time, knowing what I was working with, I did everything I could to make it better the second time around. I let my base coat dry much longer than I normally do, and I used less polish on the brush and a lighter touch when applying it. While it did turn out substantially better this time, it's still not a favorite for me at all. This shade reminds me of the back side of aluminum foil, a lighter silver metallic or dulled chrome shade. The formula's consistency seems fine, but it covers thinly and caused some drag near the cuticles. The streakiness factor is strong, although with a careful application, you can reduce that to some degree. This is described as a silvery beige pearl, which sounds nice in theory, although I don't see the beige in there.

All in all, this is a nice collection with some interesting and unusual shades and finishes. But as I said in Part I, the larger collections always seem to have several possible dupes and this collection is no exception. I also have to keep in mind though, that not everyone has the range of shades in their polish collection that a lot of us do. The average consumer (I'm quite certain I'm not average in this department!) would likely see this collection as a good range of varied colors and finishes that will work nicely for the Fall season and beyond. The only real disappointment for me was Boho Mojo. It's not a shade that I adore, so I don't feel that bad about not being able to achieve a look with it that I'm satisfied with.

*Products featured were furnished by the manufacturer or PR firm for review.


  1. This must be the best picture of Boho Mojo I've seen so far :) Great swatches, thanks!

  2. Awesome swatches! I am a new follower by the way! Great blog!

  3. I really like Nouveau Vintage and Artsy Crafty! This whole collection definitely seems like fall. :)

  4. I want to turn my head when it comes to CC reviews - I have zero place to see them/purchase them other than now from CC direct. I guess I COULD do that since I do it with Zoya all the time.....

  5. Nouveau Vintage is already in my wishlist! :-)

  6. Nouveau Vintage is at the top of my shopping list now!

  7. A lot of intriguing yet mesmerizing colours! I think I am fascinated by Blue-Topia :)

  8. Yup, I was right! Boho Mojo is the only one I don't want to pick up from this half. I do think you did a good job swatching it Mary, it's definitely the best photo I've seen of it. I have to say, I LOVE the formula on Color Club neutrals. They are utterly perfect, probably my favorite formula for neutrals of any brand!

  9. I have liked all these shades since I started seeing them in blogland. But the Voodoo You Do is giving me a really strong lemming. :)

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