Saturday, August 27, 2011

Color Club Back To Boho Fall 2011: Part I

After losing my original swatches of Color Club's Fall 2011 Back to Boho Collection due to the death of my computer, I've got new swatches in Part One of this collection today. Part II will go up tomorrow. This collection has 12 shades, and it's heavy on the creme finishes. All six of the shades shown in this post had an excellent formula. I used two coats, and there were a few that had some bald areas, so after touching up those spots, I applied the second coat.

New Bohemian is a medium shade of turquoise with a hint of green. I notice that it has a more aqua look indoors and in lower lighting. This one had a little bit thicker formula than the others, but a "good" thick! This is such a pretty color, and the nice application makes me love it even more.

This shade is described by Color Club as a new 70's take on Tiffany Blue. It's a little more muted as you can see by this indoor photo, but it is a good description.

Shabby Drab is neither shabby nor drab, in my opinion! Purple Greige is the official description, and that it is. It's a greyed out lavender with a dusty tone, and it's simply lovely.

Rad Nomad, a Purple Brown Creme is a smokey shade that's perfect for Fall. The slight purple hue works well with the brown to give it a bit of a dusty finish.

Red-ical Gypsy is a new take on a vintage classic red. While not unique in color, this berry red creme has a high shine finish and a perfect formula.

Rebel Spirit is a deep chocolate brown creme with an ultra high gloss finish. This shade has just a hint of reddish brown, which I like because it isn't so dark that it looks black.

Earthy Angel is described as a gorgeous creamy camel. This neutral shade is a medium beige with peach tones, and again, the formula was perfection. I don't wear too many shades like this often, but there's something about this one that totally appeals to me. It reminds me of malted chocolate!

I can't say enough about how nice the formula was on all six of these shades...creamy, smooth,'s all there. I'm a product of the 70's, so that makes me (old!) love the theme and the names of this collection. The 70's was a wonderful time to come of age, so the nostalia factor plays strong and deep to me. As far as the shades themselves go, seldom do I fall in love with all of the shades in these larger collections. I wish that companies would focus on creating unique shades and finishes in smaller collections, rather than coming out with larger collections that seem to include a number of shades that we've already seen. I can still remember my excitement when I caught my first glimpse of Color Club's Fall 2009 Wild at Heart Collection. That was a perfect Fall Collection to me.

Having said that, of the six shades I'm focusing on today, Rebel Spirit and Red-ical Gypsy are nothing unique in my opinion. Again, great formulas, but color-wise, I'd venture to say they've been done before. Earthy Angel may have a dupe out there somewhere, but I don't recall wearing a similar shade and actually liking it as much as I do this one. I've had difficulty finding a flesh tone that works with my skin tone, so this one gets my vote. Rad Nomad and New Bohemian are shades that we have seen variations of during the last couple of years, but dupe or no dupe, the formula on the Color Club shades is perfection in a bottle. Shabby Drab brings no dupe to mind, and I adore this one.

So I'm loving four out of these six! What do you think about these shades...any favorites? I'm curious how you feel about the larger collections that Color Club, OPI, and China Glaze put out. Have you ever found an entire collection with 12 or more polishes that appeals to you entirely? Or would you prefer to see smaller, more unique collections? Certainly we're free to choose individual polishes to purchase if we don't like all of them, but as a consumer and a collector of polishes, I prefer to have the complete collection if I like the majority of them.

*Products featured were furnished by the manufacturer or PR firm for review.


  1. My favorites are New Bohemian & Rad Nomad!

  2. after i started reading your blog i realised how fun and awesome it is to actually know thee brand and name of the nail polish i like

    i like tigganys blue but i actually recently purchased a couple Colour Club colours

    Factory Girl blue (which i am in love with)

    Modern Woman Pink

    Puccilicous Purple

    i love them, they're so fun! :D

  3. Rad Nomad is my favorite! I can't wait to pick it up.

  4. First 3 shades are gorgeous :) The other 3 are ok, but first 3.. wow.

  5. Of these, I like Shabby Drab the best. They definitely all look kinda 70's, but in a good way. I'd love a murky avocado green like those old appliances.

  6. I think I'll probably like the shades in part two better, if I'm guessing right. I'm totally with you on Wild At Heart, that was one of my favorite fall collections! They were gorgeous. I love the names of these, and Color Club's formula to me is usually spot on. Probably my favorite fall collection ever though is Rodeo Diva. I still haven't felt compelled to buy a single polish from the OPI collection!

  7. oooh i like most of thse shandes. new bohemian looks really good. i'm glad the formula is good. it's so hard to find a good minty/greenish pastely formula.

  8. *LOVE* the Tiffany dupe! Looks spot on!

    I have mixed feelings about large collections...rarely do I ever get ALL of them. I did get all the POTC from OPI because I'm a pirate fan arrrrrr LOL. Didn't *love* all the colors but yeah, got them all.

    China Glaze Island Escape--LOVED all but one and it's growing on me.

    But Zoya's Smoke & Mirrors is a good example. I want all the Mirrors, but only one of the Smoke. I got most of the Glitters from OPI Burlesque but only 2 solids.

    So yeah I would say I pick and many polishes, I'd rather get a few polishes that I adore than a whole set I feel kinda meh about. More money for other lemmings ;)

    Great looking nails as always!!

  9. I started this current 25 yr old collection just picking out the shades in a collection I liked. Then went through periods where I bought the entire collection. Now I am back to there just is too many out there and I won't wear them and don't like them enough to want them just to 'have' the full collection. So I am back to picking some out of a collection or getting none in some cases. If I like 'em all - I will get them all (but that is rare these days except for some of the Zoyas - and then when I don't get the full collection and there is only 1 I don't like - the $ is the same as if I bought the ones I want single vs. the collection price).

  10. I like the whole collection but I think that some of them are really close of something I've already own, and having to pay expensive shipping costs to have these polishes here in Italy, I prefer to pick just the shades I love the most from each collection :-(

  11. The only polishes that I've bought whole collections are Zoya's. Rad Nomad is my favorite. Nothing new here. Shame. I would like a small collection with something different in it. I haven't bought full collections from anyone other than Zoya. The last full collection I adored was China Glaze Omg & Rodeo Diva. They were quite some time ago. I have so many polishes that there aren't any really "different" colors any more.

  12. Out of these six shades I'd have to say my favorite is Shabby Drab - it's just so pretty. I wonder how it compares to Zoya Caitlin/Petites Color Fever Periwinkle though. I also like New Bohemian and Rad Nomad but I feel like my collection is bursting with similar colors already.

    I am not a big fan of 12 piece collections. There are some that I have bought in their entirety - OPI Burlesque and China Glaze Rodeo Diva come to mind. But there are colors in these collections I've never worn because they just aren't flattering to my skin tone (Yee-Haw!, Take the Stage, Rising Star...).

    I don't like to feel like there is a lack of focus in a collection. I want to look at a collection and see an idea and a commitment to that idea. Sometimes the big collections feel watered down to me. These days I choose what I want from the bigger collections and move on. The collector in me is overwhelmed right now and it's a turn off.

    I feel like the collections are getting bigger and bigger though. Just a couple holidays ago in 2009 China Glaze had 4 colors in the Loves You Snow Much Collection. One year later there were 12 polishes in their 2010 'Tis the Season to be Naughty and Nice holiday collection. I also feel like there are more collections coming at us faster and faster. I feel like I'll be pondering buying holiday 2013 in spring of 2012 because I just bought Color Club's Beyond the Mistletoe Collection. Just now. In August. It's still summer! Though I am looking forward to that glittery goodness coming in the mail...

    I love smaller, more focused collections like Zoya Sunshine - I could see their commitment and investment in that beautiful summer idea, sparkling sunshine. Color Club Starry Temptress - what an incredible risk adding that glitter to true neons, but it worked! It's unique and wonderful! I loved OPI Nice Stems. All pink and all floral, so beautifully executed an "edgy polish" girl like me who remembers, "Does Pink Make You Puke?", bought the whole thing. Perfect. This is what I want to see.

    Companies take more risks with smaller collections which usually means edgier polishes which usually means I'll love it. Or maybe smaller collections are market research, proof that people will buy. OPI Alice in Wonderland is the perfect example. Precisely half of that collection was a brilliant success. There was, and still is, madness for Mad as a Hatter. I suppose it was the verification OPI needed to go through with releasing 6 very similarly formulated blended glitters in the Burlesque Collection, half of their holiday collection. It must have worked out well because we're seeing it again this year - half glitter, half safe, at least to my eyes. It's a great example that illustrates who they recognize as their customers. Don't get me wrong - I love a sexy red mani to death, but I want the rest of the rainbow too.

  13. I love the Earthy Angel, I think it would be a great nude color for me and my tanned olive skin.