Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Lynnderella's Shape Shifter (best. holo. glitter. ever.)

This Lynnderella Creation has got to be one of the most gorgeous polishes I've ever seen. Shape Shifter is an incredible blend of holographic micro glitter and a medley of holographic glitter shapes that combined...well, I am at a loss for descriptive words. My first thought upon seeing this shade was that it would work well as a layering polish over a dark shade. My laziness caused me to use it on its own, and I'm not at all disappointed in it. I do think it would layer nicely, but it definitely performs well all by itself. Lots of pics!

I took way too many pictures of this, but it has so many different looks that I found it hard to stop! The photos are a mix of indoors with an Ott lamp, outdoors at sunset, and indoors with no flash for the last two.

Normally with glitter concoctions such as this, the formula can be a little problematic. Shape Shifter however, applied like a dream using two coats, and I had fairly uniform placement with the larger glitter pieces. The finish is extremely smooth and the glitter lays very close to the nail.

The next time I have something boring to attend--such as jury duty or a business meeting--I'm wearing this for the entertainment value. The array of shapes and the ever-changing color pattern in Shape Shifter will keep me amused and amazed, I'm sure.


  1. The name suits it quite well! I love it!

  2. She is so amazing at creating nail polish! some of her other amazing creations haunt my dreams still! I would chop off a limb for a bottle of this-

  3. Yep. I could give away durn near all of my stash for a bottle of this. Too fantastic to take in all at once too. :D

  4. Fabulous.

    That gal can create a slamming glitter franken, can't she?

  5. Amazing nail polish! If you layer this over a color polish, I hope you post it because I would love to see it ^_^

  6. So pretty! That would look amazing over so many different colors!

  7. My innen 14-year-old just wants to scream out and shout I want that one NAO! Such a pretty polish. :)

  8. This is so pretty. Even without a base. Gosh! Oh, new follower here. Nice blog BTW. :)

    misskatv beauty straight forwards

  9. Amaaazing! I'm also very impressed that in can be worn in two coats.


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