Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Cult Nails Captivated & "Tinted" With Revlon

Cult Nails Captivated is one of five shades offered in their latest collection called A Day at the Races. This vivid coral jelly is loaded with gold and coral glitter that flashes a rainbow of other colors. In the bottle, it appears to be more of an orange coral. Once on the nail, there are definite pink coral tones, especially in brighter lighting. Aptly named, this shade is truly captivating, which is why there are so many photos!

The photos below were taken outdoors in full sunlight. I used 2 coats for these photos.

If subtle is the look you're going for, don't walk into the shade with this on! My pictures don't do this shade justice, but this literally glows in lower lighting.

The two photos below were taken indoors with an Ott lamp.

I applied one coat of Revlon's Just Tinted in Dawn over Captivated. The Revlon dries to a semi-matte finish, so I applied a top coat in the second photo. This type of polish (the jellies in OPI's Texas will work much the same) fuses and blends the glitter and they become more "flaky" and less defined.

I found the formula of Captivated to be jelly-like in consistency--a bit thick but not terribly difficult to work with, just a little tricky. The coverage was much better than I expected for this type of finish, and the drying time was also quicker than I anticipated.

This is a very unique polish in my opinion, as are the majority that Maria has come up with during her short time in business. I continue to be amazed by her creativity and always look forward to her releases. These retail for $10.00 each and are available at CultNails.com.


  1. That's a very cool effect to an awesome polish.

  2. I think you were the first person to teach me about jelly over a glitter, Mary! With the ChG Dripping Wet, as a matter of fact. This is awesome, both alone and with the jelly!

  3. I bought this set. I haven't tried them yet. This is a gorgeous look. I'll have to try it since I have the Revlon Tinted polishes.

  4. I just received mine too, it is gorgeous! Like you, I had to tone it down a bit for the occasion, so I applied two matt topcoats, and it is still very, very gorgeous! A bit subdued it just reminds me of the firy fall colors of Indian Summer.

  5. It's more opaque than I though! Pretty!