Thursday, May 19, 2011

Nicole by OPI Sea How Far You Go-A Target Exclusive

Sea How Far You Go is one of twelve shades in the Nicole by OPI Spring 2011 Collection called Something About Spring. This collection is available exclusively at Target stores. I have a weakness for olive green shades and for shades that have a foggy or muted look to them, so I picked this one up. The Nicole line recently updated their brush as you can see by the label, and I'll talk more about that below.

A little off-topic...what's blooming today? The Astilbe plants are all starting to bloom, and if you're looking for a perennial that is virtually pest free, easy to grow, and adds color from May until October, these are a perfect choice for you. They come in a variety of colors, and are among the hardiest plants I have. That's your gardening tip for the day!

Sea How Far You Go has an interesting finish--in lower lighting it has a finish that I've not seen before, but I couldn't get a decent photograph of it without some lighting. It's almost a muted foil with shimmer, but it retains a glossy finish. Once it gets in slightly brighter lighting, the finish becomes almost foil-like.

These photos were taken under cloudy skies, and the gold that's infused into this olive shade becomes the dominant color. Indoors and under lower lighting, it appears more of an olive shade. This is not a duo chrome by any means, but it does exhibit some subtle color shifting.

The only crackle I picked up from Sally Hansen was Antiqued Gold, so I thought I'd see how it looked like over a somewhat similar shade. I used one coat over Sea How Far You Go, and the result is a little strange! The Sally Hansen didn't crackle a lot, and because the shades are similar, it gives more of a textured look than a crackle look.

Here's a look at the old Nicole brush and the new Nicole brush. I found the new one a bit difficult to work with, but once I get used to it, that may not be the case. The stem design has gone to a flatter, more rectangular one, and the brush itself is denser, wider, and shorter.

I used 3 coats of Sea How Far You Go, and I think part of the reason I kept seeing bald areas even after the second coat was due to the brush...or to my lack of knowing how to use it properly! Otherwise, the shade and finish of this shade is pretty unique, especially if you like olive tones. Have you tried the new brush yet? What did you think? It reminds me of the Sally Hansen Complete Salon Finish brushes, which I didn't like at first. But once I got used to them, they work fine.


  1. I like the new brush much better!! and I can't find those SH Crackles anywhere!

  2. Try Walgreens for the Sally crackle, that's where I got mine :)

    I might be going to

  3. Awesome color!
    and great combo!

  4. You've shown me a new plant. Never heard nor saw of the Astilbe flower. Pretty and delicate looking. Always love those olive green shades.

  5. nicole by opi it beautiful! it is a very particular shade of gold. i don't like the crackle polish combo...but I think it will be great on a black nail polish!

  6. We live in the middle of the woods and neither my husband or I have a green thumb. This makes it a bit difficult to find plants to spruce up the property, since we need partial sun plants and know nothing! We only have a few spots that are full sun, and so far the only one we have had really good luck, with the partial sun, is Impatiens. Does your Astilbe grow well only in full sun, or would that one be okay with partial sun?

    I prefer the wide flat brushes, it took some getting used to, but now that I am used to them I have a hard time with the thin brushes!

  7. Blushing Noir~only one of my three Walgreens has it, and she just put them out. Hopefully they'll show up for you!

    Martje~thank you! I'm partial to these unusual greens :)

    PurrceptiveVixxen~Hope you make it to Target! I kind of hate these store exclusives...I'm just happy we even have a Target!

    rock-or-not~those close-up shots make the variation way more obvious. In real life, they lok more textured...almost like a messed up manicure!

    Nina Patricia~I like it too, very unusual.

    Lucy~we do love our greens :) Those are great plants, and they grow well the first year. I'm surprised how filled out they become. These are about 2 years old now.

    Michelle~I do think I'll like them. I was surprised with my first stroke--not really paying attention and polish everywhere!

    Spaceinvaders~I'm not sure if I like it! I think I'll try another shade underneath with a little more variation from the Crackle, because I do like the gold.

    elenaeris~I completely agree. The OPI is much more gold in some lighting, but it is different no matter what.

    Donna~Those ones in the photo are in a far back corner that doesn't see any sun until about 4:40 in the afternoon, so yes, they do very well in the shade :) I have some out near the road in the front yard, and those do just as well getting full sun. All these different brush shapes! I don't like a thin brush, that's for sure. I'll get used to these.