Thursday, May 12, 2011

Chanel Black Pearl vs. Revlon Black With Envy

Today I have a comparison between Chanel Black Pearl and Revlon Black With Envy to share with you. These are much closer than I thought they would be, but they do have their differences.

The top photo is Chanel, the bottom photo Revlon. I used two coats and both were photographed under partly sunny skies.

The photo below shows a side-by side of both shades. The differences I noticed the most: the Chanel leans slightly more green, while the Revlon lean more grey, and the Chanel has a more metallic/chrome finish, while the Revlon is a straight shimmer.

The cotton ball after removal reveals a different perspective, but still shows the differences.

These two fools were outside with me while I was taking the photos. If they look tired, it's because we had a thunderstorm last night, which means they were up half of the night being babies! Gizmo (above) is so ugly, that I find him cute...with his bugged out eyes and snaggle tooth. Gus (below) was never afraid of storms, but he has learned this new behavior from Gizmo, so they both crawl into my lap now. Naturally, I have to get up with them so they don't wake everyone else up, so I'm rather tired myself! Greta's not afraid of storms, so she's off running and playing, while these two await a nap :)

Both the Chanel and Revlon applied well using two coats, and as you can see, we would notice a difference, but I don't think too many other people would. Both shades are a similar grey/charcoal color with a subtle green tone, and both have the brighter green/teal micro shimmer. The Chanel has a slightly pearl-type finish, whereas the Revlon is a straight shimmer. Truth be told, I prefer the finish of the Revlon, but the actual color of the Chanel. If I were buying it solely for the color, I'd likely skip the Chanel price tag and go for the Revlon. But I love my Chanel's, so I'm fine with having purchased Black Pearl.


  1. Woah, I think I actually prefer the Revlon. I like the shimmer better and it doesn't look as brushstroke-y. And I'm not just saying that because it's so much cheaper!

  2. I think both revlon and chanel have gotten away with a black frost. hehehe.

  3. Your Gus looks like my girl Sprocket. She is WAY afraid of storms, lol! I feel you on the lack of sleep. I've been there.

  4. I hope that Revlon keeps copying Chanels popular polishes. There's no way I could afford the Chanel but this way I get something close. (My husband would kill me if I spent that much on one polish!)

  5. Revlon is really doing a good job copying the Chanels, but unfortunately I like the Chanels so far :)