Thursday, April 14, 2011

Misa Wishes Collection: Touch the Rainbow

I am loving the shades in Misa's Wishes Collection! Here's a look at Touch the Rainbow, a soft baby blue shade with delicate pale iridescent green shimmer. I used two coats and the application was Misa-perfect. These dry to a satin finish and I think with the soft shades in this collection, that is a perfect finish for them.

The photos above were taken outdoors under mostly cloudy skies. The photo below was taken indoors in my bathroom's lighting, and it takes on a pale aqua/mint color.

I'm so happy I picked up these polishes, because they are perfect for my pastel creme phobia! They give me the pastel softness that I love, without the fear of pastel creme applications. I've mentioned before that most pastel cremes and I don't work well together, so these are perfect for me. I love the subtle glitter/shimmer in these, and while I would normally apply a top coat over a satin finish to gain a glossier look, I prefer to leave these shades just as they are.


  1. I like pastel cremes every now and then but the application issues usually prevent me from wearing them more often. I like these pastel shimmers from Misa. They are still delicate but have the visual interest of the shimmer. Thanks so much for the pictures!

  2. I love the pastel color + light shimmer!!

  3. This is a really neat polish!

  4. I like Touch the Rainbow. Pretty blue and sparkles!