Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Misa Summer 2011 Paradise Shore Swatches

Misa's Summer 2011 Paradise Shore Collection contains six bright summery shades that are what I would call a mixture of shimmers and glass flecked glitters with jelly finishes. The two blue shades are more on the shimmery side, while the remaining four are glass flecked. All of these photographs were taken outdoors under mostly sunny skies. The first photo of each color is in the sun, while the second photo of each color is in the shade. I used two coats on all of these, although I would recommend three coats on Under My Sunbrella, the yellow shade. Krystal Water is a turquoise shimmer with micro foil glitter in a similar shade. This shade has a very slight foil look to it, especially in lower lighting.
Mermaid Dreams is a vivid shade of blue, almost a royal blue. The finish on this shade is like that of Krystal Water--micro foil glitter in a slightly lighter shade, giving it a somewhat dimensional look in lower lighting.

Under My Sunbrella, a bright golden yellow, is filled with gold glass flecked glitter. If you study the glitter in the four that are glass flecked, there are actually smaller amounts of glitter in a couple of other colors in the formula. I noticed green and pink along with the gold in this shade, but they're really only noticeable in the bottle.

Endless Keys is a juicy orange shade with gold glitter. Bright and sparkly, this is a perfect summer pedicure color!

Mega Margarita is a medium lime green shade with primarily gold glitter. This shade also has a lighter green and pink glitter in it, but again, it's only noticeable in the bottle. I imagine those secondary glitter shades enhance the overall look, but the gold is what's most prominent. This shade is the only one that really requires a third coat, because as you can see, two coats isn't quite enough.

Summer Love is a bright fuchsia shade with lighter pink glitter. This is actually my favorite shade in this collection, but I couldn't capture how beautiful the glitter is in my photographs. It glows and sparkles in a major way!

I was curious about layering these, so I tried a quick attempt with Under My Sunbrella. On the right is Ulta Alter Ego, and on the left is Alter Ego with one coat of Under My Sunbrella.

This collection definitely puts me in a Summer mood! It has a nice range of bright and beautiful colors that make me happy. Believe it or not, I don't have any polishes from China Glaze Summer Days, but from pictures I've see of that collection, I would venture to say that the four glass flecked shades in Paradise Shore have a similar finish. Color-wise, Endless Keys looks like it could be quite close to Orange Marmalade.

All of these applied nicely in typical Misa fashion. As I mentioned, Mega Margarita is the only one that I should have used three coats on. The others all covered well using two coats. If you haven't tried Misa polishes, I highly recommend them. I love their bottles--they're heavy and substantial--their formula is one of the best I've ever used, and they're very reasonably priced at $3.75 from Head2ToeBeauty.

*Products featured were furnished by the manufacturer or PR firm for review.


  1. I'm loving these colors! I've been in a funk lately where all new nail polish releases seem "meh" to me, but these are awesome! I can't believe I don't own any Misa polishes either! I'm off to remedy that situation. Thanks for the swatches Mary!

  2. I love Under My Sunbrella,Summer Love and Mermaid Dreams! Thanks for swatching these :)

  3. Wow! These are better than I expected. I thought the green would be my favorite. It's nice but not as gorgeous as the blues!!!

  4. These look gorgeous. Especially Endless Keys.

  5. Thank you for swatching these, I was hoping someone would finally post these. The green and the yellow are stunning, too bad they aren't very opaque but the colors are perfect for summer.

  6. This collection is such a look a like of Zoya's Summertime, isn't it?

  7. The yellow, orange, and green ones are right up my alley! Beautiful swatches - thanks! :)
    - Mary

  8. Do you have CG Orange Marmalade? I'd love to see a comparison if you do!

  9. These are so hot - I must have!!! :O