Saturday, April 9, 2011

Lynnderella 2,011 Golden Opportunities

Here's another Lynnderella Original Franken! 2,011 Golden Opportunities is a pale gold with an array of holographic glitter. I'll have to try layering this over a darker base, but I wanted to see how it worked on its own. You would think with all of this glitter, that it would look best in full sun (below). I was wrong about that!

The photos below show that it looks most beautiful in lower lighting. These were taken in the shade, and there are some hidden lavender gems that only come out when the lights go down.

Holy macro!

I am convinced that Lynn has some sort of magical insight and magical powers. Perhaps even a magic wand, I don't know. This polish applied nicely using 2 coats, although I do believe it would be better with something underneath it to detract from the visible nail lines. It dried to a smooth finish, and unlike a lot of my frankens with large glitter, her glitter behaves itself and lies flat and smooth.


  1. Looks like a very fun glitter. Nice!!!

  2. I truly believe she needs to have her own company . I love every single franken I've seen you post from her!

  3. That is so different!!

  4. That gal hit it out of the park, again. :D

  5. Neat! I'm really liking yellow polish these days.

  6. Holy macro, indeed! I hope I have a dream made out of that soon. Lovely.