Saturday, April 23, 2011

Earth Week Focus & Giveaway: Day Six!

Welcome to Day Six of my Earth Week Focus! One of the things I enjoy about writing my blog is that I have the opportunity to try many products that would otherwise remain unknown to me, and to share those discoveries with you. While I appreciate that opportunity, I also am just as interested in learning about the company behind the product. I have been inspired and impressed by the effort that many companies make to not only produce a quality product for people, but to produce it in an eco-conscience, responsible manner. Kio Kio of New Zealand is one of those companies. Only two years old, they have taken a firm stand in the environmental arena.

Kio Kio™, the natural bodycare collection from New Zealand, plays an active role in setting new standards in eco-consciencebeauty with its “wild harvested” methods using botanical native extracts from the country’s virgin forests to its efficient, recyclable product design and more. The rare native bio-compatible (how specific ingredients interact with human tissue) botanicals used in Kio Kio’s products are permitted by Maori tribal leaders to be "wild harvested" by a natural healer from their lands. In keeping with traditional culture the Maori tribe has a high regard for the healing properties of plants and are intimately familiar with the varieties of their immediate environment. The trees are asked for permission before the leaves are respectfully harvested and then blessed with positive intent. Only leaves that can be removed without damaging the trees are used.

“We have the philosophy that charity begins at home so we focus on our own natural resources in New Zealand and have purchased protected land with native trees to offset our carbon footprint,” says co-founder Fiona Terry. “The land is held in trust to ensure it remains protected.” Kio Kio is also a member of The Sustainability Council of New Zealand. Kio Kio is as eco-friendly on the outside as it is on the inside. All product packaging is made in New Zealand from cardboard that is FSC certified. The packaging includes the first fully uncoated boxes ever made and used in the country. The dyes utilized in producing the boxes are water based and the only embellishment added is done with embossing to ensure easy recycling.

Kio Kio uses no parabens, petroleum derivatives, by-products, propylene glycol, PEGS, silicones, GMOs, artificial colours, synthetic fillers, isothiazolinone, DEA or TEA, IBPC, harsh detergents or surfactants. The company has not commissioned or conducted any animal testing on their ingredients or products.

Kio Kio makes a range of bath and body products that include, body lotion, cream, mist, soap, and wash. There are four scents available:

Kio Kio Fragrances & Native Botanicals Feature:

CITRUS PETAL & TARATA (yellow) Tarata tree has sweet, lemon scented leaves & flowers that are used as potent scented healing oils.
PACIFIC TIARE & TI KAUKA (blue) Ti Kauka is naturally cleansing & nurturing. Traditionally used to heal skin, ancient people also regarded it for good luck & fertility.
RAINFOREST & KOROMIKO (green) Koromiko renews and smoothes stressed skin. It was used in ritual ceremonies & for healing skin complaints.
FRANGIPANI & PURIRI (pink) Puriri provides natural balance and was also traditionally used to treat sore throats, common aches & pains.

I received the Rainforest & Koromiko body mist and body wash for review, and was first taken by the clean look of the well-made packaging--you know I'm a sucker for packaging! The colorful graphics set against a bright white and lime green background are simple and artistic. The minute I smelled this scent, I knew I'd have to order some of these products. You see, I used to have a scent that if I ever had a signature scent, it was this one--Lancome's Aroma Tonic. As with everything I fall in love with, it was discontinued several years ago. The Rainforest & Koromiko scent took me back to my beloved Aroma Tonic, with its similar citrus notes. The same hints of green tea and grass can also be found in the Kio Kio scent, and while it's a little lighter, if I didn't know better, I could swear it was Aroma Tonic.

The quality of the products (I did purchase a soap and the lotion to add to the mist and wash) I have are all excellent. They're rich and moisturizing, and very luxurious. As I mentioned, the scent is light, but I don't feel the need to use or layer everything in order to strengthen the scent. It's subtle and beautiful, regardless of which product I use. Light, natural, clean, and fresh.

You can read much more about the company and their products on their web site. They are available in New Zealand, Singapore, and the U.S., and you can find their stockists here. The will also be available at beginning May 13.

Now for the giveaway! One winner will receive a body wash and a soap (retail $50.00) in the Rainforest & Koromiko scent. Just leave your eMail in the comments section if you'd like to enter. A reminder that all daily Earth Week Focus prizes are open for entry until midnight tomorrow. I hope you're enjoying my Earth Week Focus, because I know I am! Tomorrow will conclude this series, and then I'm going to spend many hours drawing the winners, followed by many more hours of packaging and shipping! I'm very happy to celebrate all of the companies included this week for their earth-friendly products and efforts.

*Products reviewed furnished by Kio Kio or their PR firm.


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