Sunday, April 17, 2011

Blog Sale!

I managed to get through 2 Melmer drawers and select some shades to get rid of, and they've been added to my Blog Shoppe. It's either buy more Melmers to make room for new polishes, stop buying new polishes (um, that's probably not going to happen!), or be realistic and part with some of them. I still have 25 more drawers to go through, so I can see this being a loooooong project!

Send me an eMail ( if you're interested in any items and I can send you a PayPal bill. I'm not offering International shipping at this time. The postage will be $2.00 for the first item, then .50 for each additional item until a flat rate weight is reached. I'll answer all of the requests in the order received, and delete items as they are paid for. Click the Shoppe button at the top of the page to view items.


  1. The shoppe tab is not working just thought i'd let you know

  2. Janella~hmm, it's working for me and I've gotten a number of requests, so I'm not sure why it won't work for you :(