Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Bath & Body Works Scent Stackers

Bath & Body Works recently began offering some of their best-selling scents in stackable, travel-friendly packaging. The space-saving design of these 3 oz. bottles is sure to appeal to the storage space challenged! Available in a shower gel, fragrance mist, and body lotion, you can mix and match from a range of six different scents, which you can find here.

I adore bath and body products, but to keep the clutter at bay with all of the different sized bottles, I have a 3-drawer rolling cart in my bathroom closet where I keep most of mine. When stacked, the Scent Stackers only take up about a 2.5" space, so they're perfect for leaving on the bathroom counter or a shelf. These retail for $7.00 each, but the better bargain is 3/$15.00. That's a little pricier than their original travel-sized products ($5.00 each or 3/$10.00) at the same 3 oz. size, so that may not appeal to the cost conscious consumer. The cuter packaging with its bright cheery colors and novelty space-saving design will no doubt be a popular item, regardless of the higher price.

*Products furnished by the manufacturer or PR firm for review.


  1. country chic friggen rocks!

  2. I love, love bath & body products also! My bathroom closet is loaded with Philosophy shower gels and all kinds of body lotions. I stopped buying shower gels about three years ago. Well once in awhile I'd buy a couple. I have so much it's ridiculous! I have loads of body lotions in my bedroom also. I can't stand to wash with soap anymore. Too drying. I still get email from Bath & Body works. I just don't open them because it's too tempting.

  3. I really like Bath & Body Works. Their scents are refreshing and very girly. These products are so neat! Thanks for the post


  4. Great! Like I need more bath and body works stuff in my bathroom lol I really like this - so I will prob have to go get some lol I think this is just the cutest idea too :)

  5. I'll pass on this probably. They look good stacked together but I don't keep my lotion and body wash in the same area at all. :/

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