Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Sinful Pinks: Glass Pink, Scandal & Soul Mate

Here are a trio of pinks from Sinful's Valentine Collection, which are not new shades, just pink=Valentine's shades! First up is Glass Pink, a sheer pale pink filled with a rainbow of tiny crystalline glitter. I used two coats of this shade.

Below: Every now and again I do like a sheer tone by itself, but my first thought when I saw Glass Pink was that it would likely work well as a base coat for a another sheer polish (Essie Night Cap). I used two coats on my index finger (left) and one coat on the others. The application of a sheer polish over Glass Pink actually enhances the glitter in it, rather than muting it.

Below: A macro shot of Glass Pink.

Below: Here's a quick look at Glass Pink as a top coat over some darker shades.

Below: Scandal surprised me with its vibrancy! This looked like it had a very slight peach tone in the bottle, but it's actually a nice bright pink creme. I was a little concerned that I may need more than two coats for an opaque finish, but two coats worked well.

Below: Soul Mate is a slightly dusty peach/pink creme shade that had a tricky formula for me. I ended up going with three coats, and it was quite thick. I had some visible streaking after the second coat, but a third coat took care of that.

I'm a little bit late posting these for Valentine's Day, but these are available in most of the core collection Sinful displays. All in all, I love Sinful polishes--they come out with some beautiful and unique shades, particularly their glitters and shimmers. Their $1.99 price tag is always appreciated, and they're frequently on sale for less at Walgreens and other chain drug stores.

*Products featured were furnished by the manufacturer of PR firm for review.


  1. WOW, I love Glass Pink as a top coat for darker colors! I need to get my hands on that =)


  2. These are three pretty polishes. I have them all. I love the color of Soul Mate. I love dusty shades. Glass Pink is very pretty. I even like it by itself.

  3. I have all these and love them! I can't wait til they're on sale at Walgreens so I can stock up on some must have shades!

  4. I bought my first Sinful a few days ago. The bottle bugs me... lol. It's just so bulbous and the cap isn't flat so if you need to put the brush down for a second it wobbles all over. I do appreciate the .5 size, tho. Hmm, anyway, pink glass looks amazing! I may have to go back and get it, lol.

  5. I love Glass Pink as a topcoat. That's such a cool effect it has on darker polishes.