Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Orly Precious Collection: Spring 2011

We finally had a sunny day! The ground wasn't covered with snow or an inch of rain, so even though it was cold, it was very nice to get outside for some swatch photos. I'm way behind on swatching Spring collections, so I randomly selected Orly's Precious Collection. This 6-piece set contains 4 cremes and 2 shimmers, of which one is a duo chrome. I used 2 coats in all of the photos.

Below: Sapphire Silk is a teal creme that applied very nicely. I'm certain that it's similar to other teal cremes, but if you're looking for a teal that's not too dark, this is a nice one. It was streak-free on the first coat and dried to a high gloss finish.

Below: Ancient Jade was a little on the thick side, but it didn't hinder the application. This rich green hue is a little darker than a traditional mint green and I think the name Ancient Jade is a perfect name for it. Again, there is likely something very similar to this shade already out there.
Below: Fancy Fuchsia is a near-neon pink with a semi-gloss finish. I was surprised at how fluorescent this shade was on the nail, because it didn't appear to be that bright in the bottle. Nothing too unique about this shade, but I have no complaints about it.

Below: Pure Porcelain is an interesting shade that I don't believe I've seen too much of before, if ever. This neutral light beige shade has the slightest touch of pink, but not so much that it alters the shade to a pink tone. In darker lighting, it resembles a very light taupe. This shade was quite thick, but it applied well.

Below: Gilded Coral is a micro shimmer that while not a duo chrome, does flash a couple of colors. The peach and gold tones are prominent, but it can also be viewed as a sandy pink tone in lower lighting. A pretty shade, but I think it will look better when I have a bit of a tan.

Below: Royal Velvet is a duo chrome that flashes from a bright navy blue to purple/violet. This micro shimmer actually look like velvet to me--very rich, with a plush texture.

This is a nice collection for Spring and the shades are not necessarily season-specific. The clear winner in this set for me is Royal Velvet, but I also am quite fond of Gilded Coral and Pure Porcelain. The remaining three shades I was happy with performance-wise and color-wise, but they just aren't unique enough to win me over.


  1. These sure look pretty. I'm going to buy Ancient Jade and Sapphire Silk. Maybe even Gilded Coral. I know we share a love of those polishes with the gold shimmers in them. They all look gorgeous on you. I want to order them all but I know I have others like it. I probably should skip Ancient Jade but I can't resist those greens.

  2. I love the blue, it reminds me of joe fresh persian blue.

  3. Very cool collection Mary. Your nails could not be any more prettier. The Sapphire Silk looks amazing compared to the other nail colors when you compare all six, even the duo chrome Royal Velvet doesn't quite compare to "Sapphire silk," Actually , I love Ancient Jade and the cleanliness of Pure Porcelain. I learn more about nail polish this week than I ever did, amazing.

    Very nice collection, lovely indeed!


    Mc Huggs :)

  4. of all the spring collections this is one of my favorites. Love almost all the colors

  5. Ooh these look good! I think someone's going to make a BIG order soon... :)

  6. I like that this collection isn't the usual all soft pastel spring colors but instead some fun various colors

  7. I like this collection! Especially Ancient Jade and Saphire Silk! But the bottles are so huge (who invented the 18 mL format?)

  8. oh god, I LOVE this collection. Orly's formula is perfect for me, and the colors are so dreamy. Right now I have Fancy Fuchsia on my toes, and it's the most perfect plastic-barbie pink ever :D I love Ancient Jade and Pure Porcelaine too. I've yet to wear Sapphire Silk and Gilded Coral but they look so cute in their bottles :) Oh, and Royal Velvet is so perfect - royal color and glass-like shine. WIN
    I'm a huge Orly fan now.