Wednesday, March 2, 2011

I Must Have Illamasqua Bacterium!

Sara from The Daily Polish published a nice wrap-up of an Illamasqua event she attended today, and her descriptions and photos completely intrigued me. They previewed the Spring/Summer Collection from Illamasqua called Toxic Nature, which looks like a beautiful and unique collection of beauty products all the way around. The names alone are enough to pique my interest--Mould, a cream pigment, Bacterium, the nail shade pictured above--but the names are secondary to some of these products. The description for Bacterium is a pearlescent ash ochre. I need that in my life! Check out Sara's post here for more details, and read what she says about the Precision Ink in Glister. Thank you Sara for bringing that "must have" product to my attention!

You can view this collection now on Illamasqua's web site here, and it's due out March 10. I may have to fly across the ocean if this doesn't land in the States soon! Illamasqua tweeted that the collection would be available at Sephora in April.

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  1. Oh my goodness, that color looks gorgeous and so unique. I hope somewhere in the States will have it too!

  2. Hope to see these swatched soon! Bacterium looks wonderful. I'm wondering what Mould looks like?

  3. must have Bacterium! It would be my first Illamasqua. Guess I can't stay away forever!

  4. I'm LOLing at the name of the shade!