Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Butter London St. Paddy's Day Freebie!

Here's a nice little freebie from Butter London! Receive a free full-sized bottle of British Racing Green with any purchase of $25.00 or more.


  1. I can't get this to work, it says maximum redemption or something in the error code. Anyone had any luck?

  2. Nope, I got the same message... I guess we're too late :(

  3. I'm getting the same message. :-( I'd hope we're not too late when the promo was supposed to go until the 22nd! I emailed them on their contact form, but no idea when to expect an answer. Too bad they don't have a phone number or a live chat option!

  4. Hmm, not sure why it's not working. I received the ad in my eMail this morning. I tried it too and am getting the same message. You'd think it would still work, it's only a few hours old! I checked their FB and Twitter, but see no messages about it. Hopefully it starts working :)

  5. I emailed them and just got this response. I also tried the code and it's working now!

    Dear Jessica,
    Thank you so much for your email! The coupon code has been fixed and is now working properly. Please enter StPaddyDay11 upon check out again for success.


    Marie Zebroski

    tel. 206.826.4815 fx. 206.525.0848
    444 NE Ravenna Boulevard, Suite 405, Seattle, Washington 98115

  6. Jessica~we all thank you for your efforts and for taking the time to let us know!

  7. No problem! Thank YOU for letting us know. I'm just glad we can use it and they responded so fast!