Thursday, March 24, 2011

Blissmo: Organic Cosmetics/Products Discount Site

I recently became aware of a site that seems to be like Groupon, only it's strictly for organic and eco-friendly type products. blissmo offers daily deals that are up to 70% off of beauty products, clothing, food/beverages, and various other lifestyle categories. Naturally, I'm interested in the beauty/cosmetics category, and today's deal is 50% off of Alima Pure products, one of my favorite mineral cosmetic lines.

The way today's deal works, is that you purchase a $30.00 voucher for $15.00 to be used on Alima Pure's web site for any products you want. There is a limit of 2 vouchers per person, so you could essentially purchase $60.00 worth of products and pay just $30.00. The voucher expires in one year, and they are not applicable toward tax and shipping.

In talking to a representative from blissmo, I learned that they are a fairly new site and growing quickly. They recently began offering daily deals as opposed to twice-weekly deals. If you'd like to take advantage of this offer, you can add the code "trybliss" in the Reference Code box to the left of the checkout page on blissmo's website. It's for an additional 5% off a blissmo voucher, so you'd receive 55% off rather than 50%.

I am a big fan of organic bath & body care, facial skin care, and cosmetics, so I signed up for their newsletter to insure that I'll be notified of upcoming product offers. There's another offer coming up on Monday the 28th for a company I'm not familiar with, called Dropwise. They offer natural body care, candles, aromotherapy, and that sort of thing, which I have a serious weakness for. The voucher/coupon they're offering will be $14 for a $35 voucher.

I'm looking forward to seeing what other brands and products they'll be featuring, particularly in the health and beauty category. If you're a fan of organic/green products, what do you think about this concept? Are there any brands you'd like to see offered? I'd be thrilled to see Korres and Tarte, and I'm sure I'll discover some new to me brands also. My wallet probably won't appreciate the discovery of blissmo, but the savvy shopper in me will be thankful!


  1. Thanks for sharing this. I'm always looking for a good deal! Have a great day doll!

    You probably already know, but did you hear my great news yesterday? Kori xoxo

  2. Based off your recommendation, I decided to go ahead and try this brand... About an hour ago I placed my order (with my blissmo coupon), and I've already been sent a tracking number for my package!!! I'm floored! What awesome customer service :)

  3. Nice post Mary, now we have to save our wallets and credit cards hahahaha.