Sunday, February 27, 2011

Spring Cleaning Blog Sale!

I'm doing a little Spring Cleaning and I've updated my "Shoppe" page! This is just the tip of the iceberg, but I've realized that over the last month I've lost some of my spark for polishes and my blog in general, simply because I think I'm overwhelmed with too much stuff! I'll keep adding to the list, so check back to see if there's something you'd like.

My focus is going to be on older polishes and collections for my own personal use and satisfaction. I seem to get the most enjoyment from those, so while I'll continue to preview new polishes like I always have, I think I'm going to honestly ask myself how much I'll really use this or that once I've posted about it. If the answer is "not very often", I'm going to list it on my Shoppe page right away. No more "well, I might..." for me!

You can click here to view everything I've listed so far. I get a little freaked out and wish I had an easier and faster way to delete things, so please know that I'll answer the eMails in the order they were received. Send me an eMail ( with the items you're interested in and include your zip code so I can send you a total with shipping. I'll delete items from the list once I receive your payment via PayPal. If you eMail me for items/postage, I'll give you a reasonable amount of time to respond (24 hours). If you have asked me for an item that someone else has already asked for and I'm waiting for their payment, I'll respond and let you know that, and then follow up to let you know if it becomes available within 24 hours because they didn't finalize their order. No International shipping at this time.